Delivery Delight

Have you ever seen the lady that you know discovered her 'look' somewhere around 1985 when Dynasty was at the height of fashion?  You know the one the lady that found a look that works for her and has kept it for 20+ years.  Okay, maybe you are younger than I and have no clue who Linda Evans even is.  Put it like this - know anyone who looks good but dated?  That's the one.  Well, I'm determined not to be this mother!

I'm not sure how to avoid this pitfall entirely, but I do know that one thing is keeping it fresh and up to date.  No better place to start than with your face and hair.

I subscribe to a service called Birchbox.  For $10 a month, you get a little box of goodies that include everything from perfume samples, eye cream, hair pins, lip gloss, nail get the picture.  Its like a pretty little present delivered to your door each month.

Last month, I received a hair protectant spay, hair pins, eye cream, blush and acne cream.  All great scores.  

So, its ten bucks - and you may be thinking thats a lot of cash over the year.  Here's how I see it.  
  1. The products really are great and high quality.  Worth the money for sure!
  2. I travel a lot for work so its a way for me to always have sample/travel size items in my bag while on the road.
  3. Using all of the these samples saves me money on products that I would ordinarily buy to try out, but I'm not committing to a full size deal until I've tried it out!  
  4. Even if you don't travel and don't buy a lot of products to try, its always stuff that you can/will use.  So you are paying for beauty stuff you will actually need!
Its plenty of bang for your buck.  And, I've found quite a few perfumes, facial creams and other products that I have actually bought that I liked.  

Looking for a gift for someone that has everything or that you don't know what to get?  This is the gift that keeps on giving and requires little effort on your part.  Sign up a friend or loved one for a 3 month subscription.  You can do it all online and they get a little gift for three months in the mail.  

BeautyBox5 also offers a beauty box subscription that has a $12 a month program.  But rates drop as you buy in for more months.  Three months is $10 and an annual subscription is $8!  

There are other subscription services that you can try out as well if beauty isn't your thing:
  • For the health conscious, try Klutchclub.  Natural beauty, health and fitness items arrive at your door for $18 each month.

  • Citrus Lane has care packages for mom and baby.  You can customize for the age and gender of the child.  Subscriptions start at $21 per month.

  • Or spice things up for a night with hubby with SpicySubscriptions. The price is slightly higher at $24.95, but this might be the best money spent all night for a much needed date night!  (No pictures posted since I agreed not to include adult content here.)  
Don't get lost or in a rut as a new mom!  I think it is super easy to be so busy with your new little life and just forget what your own interests and wants are.  With such limited amounts of time to shop or even think about what you want, monthly subscription boxes are a way to take the guess work out of what you actually want.  It comes to you!