Getting Back on Track

Before baby (BB), I worked out 6 or 7 days a week. I was obsessed about diet and exercise. And, going into pregnancy, I was determined to come out on the other side in great shape and unfazed by this total transformation of my body. Mother nature had other plans for me. I started out my pregnancy biking, running, walking, weights...all of the things I had been doing before. The doctor felt fine with this. So, did I. But, at 20 weeks my cervix started to shorten. At 21 weeks, I started to dilate and was on strict bed rest. By 24 weeks, my water broke - then I delivered at 25 weeks. 193 days later, I brought home a baby and a lot more weight that I would have wanted too. First, I've decided that I am in fact an emotional eater. There. I said it. But, what am I going to do about it??? Well, BB I was in great shape. And, there is no reason I can't be again. After 40, its a big deal, but each day I'm living it and relearning how to manage baby, work and getting back in shape. Enter - Jawbone UP! If you don't know about this little gem, run - don't walk - and get one of these!!!
You wear this wrist band 24/7 and it measures your sleep patterns, steps, exercise and even food. Overtime, it can help you track you health, see patterns in your lifestyle and make better decisions. In short, its a fancy pedometer/lifestyle meter! You can even generate all kinds of fancy charts and graphs as it syncs directly to your smart phone.
Why do I recommend this for new mom's? Well, this is when mom's try and get back into shape like myself. I don't always have time for a big workout. But, I can always keep up with what I'm doing to make a difference in my overall health. And lets face it, being healthy is important to me! It was before. It is now. I just have to be a little more strategic about what I'm doing. So, here's to getting back on track AB (After Baby)! I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there! This is just one piece of the puzzle!