Savvy Shopping Tips

Being a savvy shopper makes me very happy.  I have always been a coupon shopper, but I'm a coupon girl now more than ever.  There are lots of ways to ways to make smart use of your time and money.

I am a very organized shopper.  OurGroceries is a great app that I have downloaded onto my phone to keep up with things that I need.  I can type in what I need and look for that item later.  It also syncs up with other users phones.  So, my hubby and I can coordinate our efforts.

First, I shop online for baby, home and even spices.  When I have a little time at home or while on the road working during the week, I use some of that time to buy things that I need.  Online shopping allows me to purchase things from my phone or laptop.  I'm also able to do this wherever I am when I have a few minutes.

Second, mobile apps for shopping is always a winner!  It makes shopping on the go simple and quick.  If there are stores that you shop at regularly, it is the best way to go.

Walgreens is one of the best apps that one can download on their phone.  Once installed, you can login to refill prescriptions, shop and even view coupons and sales ads!  Its a great thing to have and very handy!

Also, if you have a favorite store to shop, download their app.  This will allow you to shop from your mobile device with ease.  Target has the new Cartwheel App.  Babies R Us also has several handy apps.  But, you can customize this to suit your needs.

When you are doing research on baby products and trying to find the best deal, use Google Shopping.  It will allow you to:

  • Compare prices
  • Search for reputable online companies to purchase items
  • Find online shops with the least amount of shipping, taxes, etc.

My final favorite shopping tool is Retail Me Not.  Search for coupons to use both online and in stores.  If you download their mobile app, you can locate coupons on the go.  In a store and want to see if there is a coupon you can use on products you are buying, check it out on your mobile app.  Any time I am shopping online, I look to see if there is a coupon for whatever I am buying.  It never hurts to check it out.  I was able to save over 50% on my birth announcements and thank you notes for baby gifts with this site!  

Don't get down with spending tons of time shopping for deals online.  It can be a bigger time drain than driving from store to store.  
  1. If you are going to buy a specific product, start with Google Shopping to compare prices.  Find a company and go with it!  Over thinking this just costs your time, and your time is worth something.  That is money you are wasting in my opinion.
  2. Look to see if there is a coupon for whatever you are buying on Retail Me Not.
  3. Also, if it is an item where you need to buy more to get free shipping what can you add that you actually NEED?  For example, I needed a new baby thing for bathing the baby.  If I bought $50 the shipping was free.  I bought a box of diapers to get free shipping.  The price was right.  I always need diapers, and that saved me a trip to the store.  Yep, saving gas is saving money!
  4. Buy and move on.  
You can't always wait for sales. Lots of time can be wasted online looking for saving a few dollars.  Save yourself the time, money and gas of driving around town and get it over with.  

Have a great week!  Being a mom is hard, but making good use of your time makes for a lots of happy faces.