The weekend warrior

Weekend warrior usually conjures up ideas of home improvement projects.  While we probably could use some projects to spruce things up a bit, we like to spend our weekends doing of things that are more on the fun side.  

However, fun is certainly a relative turn and can turn ugly at a moment's notice.  Weekend activities are fun but more work and juggling than in our previous pre-child days.  Packing for an afternoon activity involves a lot more than grabbing a purse and sunglasses.  And I wouldn't trade one minute.

This weekend, we took a trip to south Mississippi and enjoyed biking, a little swimming and
visiting with old friends.  

Biking is something that I have always loved and am now rediscovering it while introducing our son to it all.  This year I asked for a bike trailer to pull behind me as I ride.  So fun!  King Diaper has adapted well to hanging out while riding along letting out the occasional scream to express a desire for a break.  I keep telling him that he's got the good life riding in a little carriage while I do all the work!  
After our cruise for a couple of hours and stops to rest and water, we also did a little swim at our hotel. And much to our surprise, king diaper loved it!!

Dinner that night was great.  I am raising a true Southerner that knows that sweet potatoes, corn bread and black eyed peas are where its at!  I'm amazed and afraid at how much this kid can eat.  Its a stark contrast to the days where we begged for him to take even the smallest bottle so that we could go home from the hospital!

But sometimes that is where it should end while the gettin' is good!  At a church dinner (the very next day), our man turned into a human vomit comet!  I was wearing every bit of two meals upturned.  He and I were both covered,  and  I'll spare the details.  You get the picture.  But visiting old friends that I haven't seen in years was memorable one that engulfed all the senses!

Yes, we are still smiling at the end!
And while my husband jumped into action, as soon as I was changed his question was... "Can I go finish eating???"  Yep, father and son both have their priorities straight.  Its all about the food!

How does one have the appetite? But, we make the best of it.  Three and a half hours home, I finally get everyone fed and in bed... Laundry soaking in the washer.... I feel like I've survived something.... Not sure what I'd call it. I earned my weekend warrior status for sure.  

And yet, it was a good weekend.  I'll be ready to go at it again next weekend.  Hopefully with a little less punctuation at the end.  But either way, we are full speed ahead at this house.   And if you are wondering if you can baby sit in the near future, we will be glad to put you on the list!  Just bring a change of clothes.  For you!  Not the baby.  Its a possibility you will need them!