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Winter Travel Tips: Boost Immunity and Stay Healthy

Friday, December 6, 2019

Winter travel tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy more fun outdoors.
Enjoy more adventure on the road by staying healthy!
Its that time of year when there seems to be no shortage of sneezes and sniffles.  I'm around so many people each week as I travel for work.  There are days that I want to spray a Lysol fog into a room as I listen to the evidence of sick people around me.  The struggle to stay healthy increases with travel and holiday parties and crowds.  This year, I have been taking some extra precautions and will hopefully benefit from these efforts.  Today, I'm sharing my favorite tips for staying healthy just in time for the holiday season!

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Gear Essentials for Fall and Winter Camping

Monday, December 2, 2019

Our DuraFlame Cube heater provided plenty of heat in our pop up camper on nights in the early fall.

Have you put your RV to sleep until spring?  Regardless of where you are, camping can be a reality during the cold weather months.  Certainly, in warmer climates, four-season camping is much more of a reality.  But, with the right gear and planning, you can sneak in a weekend trip to enjoy nature's beauty during those short gray days ahead.  You might even have the campground to yourself!  Today, I'm sharing 7 essential pieces of gear for cold weather camping.

Christmas Wish List for Campers

Monday, November 25, 2019

camping gift ideas for towable trailers and pop up campers
What will be under your Christmas tree this year?

We've spent another year camping.  There were big changes in our camping game, and that meant new gear.  What did we discover as these changes took place?  And what should be on your list for Santa?  I've paired down our new favorites to 10 items for the ultimate Christmas Wish List for Campers.

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