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Hi there!  I'm glad that you are here.  I love to hear from readers.  If you have something to share about your camping or outdoor experiences, fill out the little form below.  You can also contact me through my email address of

Drop a line if you are interested in:
  • featuring a project or camping idea.
  • more information about my pop up camper remodel.
  • an advertising opportunity with the Southern Glamper.
  • sharing a general comment about my blog or features.
Again, thank you for sharing this journey with us.  Happy camping!


  1. Hi! Michele here from Perfetta® Beverage Accents. We saw your post of your newest Camp Life Crate box. We are super excited about being apart of this subscription box. Wanted to ask before we posted anything if we could copy your post to our site and share with our customers your site and thoughts on our products.
    Michele Hampton
    Woman Owned Business

    1. Yes! You may certainly do so! We would love to share the love. Feel free.

  2. Hi this is Joseph love your remodel just bought a pop-up if I give you a budget an cash could you remodel my camper for me.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. As much as I love a project, this is just not the right time for me to take this on. Good luck with your remodel! Take your time, and you will love the results!


Thank you for your feedback and comments. I always review before sharing with other readers. Have a great day!

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