Camping Kitchen

Camping Kitchen

I enjoy cooking at our campsite.  I've compiled a list of cooking essentials that I use to help get you started.  Below are some additional links to get you going!

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Camping Kitchen

Cast Iron Cooking


  1. Hi Grace, I have a small 1995 Viking 175SD XL pop up camper that seems to have never had a fridge. Perhaps an Icebox at one time but not even sure where it fit into. There is limited cupboards 2 small ones and a drawer. There is a furnace which is located below the kitchen sink area. I have no idea if this furnace works and since it is propane I am a little leery of a pilot light concept in the trailer. (Also carbon monoxide detectors would be needed if using this furnace) I plan on using an electric heater for colder nights which I did in my tent last year. They work fine to take the chill out. I am wondering if you have a furnace in your camper and if you use it. Do you think it might be worth perhaps taking mine out and putting a small fridge in that space instead. I am also thinking of resale value. I think a fridge would be better than a furnace?

    What are your thoughts on this idea? Thanks so much

    1. I do think that a fridge is a good thing to have in a camper. A friend recently stopped by my house and was looking at my camper and immediately commented on the fridge. She said the pop up her parents had never had a fridge and that would have made a big difference for them. I would say that you are correct in guessing an icebox would have been original to your camper.

      Furnaces are tricky. I'm with you on the carbon monoxide detectors. And you may be better with an electric heater. It depends on the area where you live and the weather you plan to camp in during cold months. Mid to low 30's is as low as it gets when we are camping in fall/late winter. So our heating needs are not really for drastically cold weather.

      We have a Coleman Mach 10 AC with heat strip that we use. If you have an AC, it might be worth it to check in to a heat strip option.

      In my opinion, I would go with a fridge. I think it would have more use. Anyone can use an electric heater, and it would be safe. If you go with keeping the furnace, get it checked out by a professional. I would not chance it given the age of your camper. I hope this helps!

    2. Thank you Grace. I was thinking the same thing. I live in Canada, Manitoba to be exact which is just above ND. So camping here is really from Mid May to end of September if the weather holds. Sometimes you can still get nice weather in October but most of the campgrounds are closed by then. I usually do not go out until Mid June to late August for the most part. I wish I lived in your neck of the woods. Camping season would be so much longer. ;-)


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