So I forgot my make up...

Forgetting my makeup was not the worst thing that happened to me all week.  A mere bump in the road.  That's what CVS and Walgreens are for.  Yes.  I could have skipped it all together but I have no desire to impose Halloween on people on a Friday.  But, I was also determined to take the least expensive road on this one too.  After all, I have great make up at home that I love!

Emergency Make Up Kit
(clockwise from top left)
Cream blush, shine control powder,
eyeshadow,BB Cream, and mascara.
My emergency back up kit that I put together did a great job!  I included the following:

1.  Nitrogena shine control powder - $10.99
2.  Garnier bb cream for combination skin $13.99
3.  Maybelline eye shadow $4.19
4.  Cream blush $6.49
5.  Mascara $8.99

$44.65 plus tax.   Not super cheap but I felt like I needed to spend more on items that I was more concerned with so that I would actually use them.  The foundation and powder were two items that were a must on my list and cost the most.  

To save a bit more I could have set a budget.  With a little more thought and time, I would say that this could easily be done for $30.  However, I was so pleased the next morning that I'll keep this as my travel make up - giving me one list group of things to pack.  

Picked up a bag to stash all my stuff in too!
I didn't add that to my total.  It was only $4.
Buxom lip pencil from Sephora that I had.
And, the finished look!
1.  The BB cream and powder were awesome and performed great all day!!  I liked them better than my normal foundation and powder!!  Both of these items were worth the investment!  BB (Beauty Balm) creams are the way to go.  They contain pretty much everything you need to get your face going in the morning and are an easy one step.  You can also find CC (Correcting Coverage) creams.  I think that both of these options are a much better route than traditional foundations and are worth the money in the end!

2.  The eye shadow kit had 4 shades that included a liner shade.  Finally I was able to use the shadow for eye brow powder.  Another bonus!  This was a cheap score only costing a little over $4.  And the colors lasted all day.  

Additionally, I didn't have to purchase any lipstick.  I at least keep that in my bag.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few money saving tips:
  • Use loyalty cards at a drugstore of choice and look for items that give a discount based on card use.
  • Dual duty products also save money.  Mineral foundation works as a powder and foundation.  This is a good 2 for 1 product.  My skin tends to break out and be oily.  So, this isn't the best options for me.  But, it is a good option for people that have less irritable skin.
  • Select an eye shadow kit that contains a liner shade. 
  • Dig through your travel back and purse to survey for anything that you have that could be used without the need to double up on items.  Lipsticks, eyeliners and powder lots of times are stashed in your purse or bag without the need to purchase.  
All said and done, I now have a make up bag stocked in my suit case that will keep me from packing my stuff from home and hopefully save me a bit of time in the end.  Even with the $40+ price tag, it was a score for me!  Have a great day!  The weekend is almost here.  

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  1. I just found your blogs and yes I have been reading them and what a great idea to have a backup makeup bag. I need to put one of these together.


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