Gift for Grabs with Subscription Box Overflow

I'm a subscription box junkie!  There.  I said it.  Moving right along.

The only person not getting a monthly subscription at our house is Bunnie.  And, well, she is probably next on the list for the joy of monthly mail fun!  Our current subscriptions include:

  1. Birchbox - both the women and men's subscription
  2. Fab Fit Fun - fashion, fitness and beauty items once per quarter
  3. Bluum Box - a month box for kids
  4. Stitch Fix - a clothing subscription that you determine how often you want to participate

But, what do you do when you get things that you already have or don't want?  Swap it or gift it.  Either way, there is something that can be done with the duplicated or unwanted subscription box items.

My Subscription Addition has a swap where someone can browse the items she doesn't need/want.  Its a great resource for beauty box subscriptions.  You can also list items here to swap that you don't want to keep.  Its free and is an easy way to get something you would rather have/use.

You can always gift these items.  For example:
  • Nail polish in a color that doesn't suit you.  Add some nail files and clear top coat and you have an easy happy for someone else.
  • Create a little gift bag of items for a visiting house guest of items such as face cream or lotion samples with some candy and hot tea.  You could also do this as a hostess gift when visiting someone.
  • Hot tea came in your box this month but you aren't interested or don't drink hot tea.  Add a face mask and a candle for a little relaxation gift.
There are lots of easy ways to have a gift ready to go with little effort.
May Bluum Box items that we already have but are awesome!

What about boxes for kids?  This is the muse for what spawned this post.  I have recently bought our son a new sun hat and some sunglasses.  We are also overflowing with snack containers.  All three of these items came in this month's Bluum box.  No worries!  I know several children the same age as King Diaper as well as expectant mothers.  Spoiler alert!  One lovely friend will be receiving this for their dear little one!

I always keep some tissue paper and gift bags in my gift box, and we are set to go.  As a matter for fact, I bagged these three items in a blue bag I have on hand.  All I need now is some tissue paper, and I'm done!

If you are shying away from subscription boxes based on the fear or unwanted items, put that worry to bed. There are tons of things you can do with what you don't want.  By either gifting or swapping its a winning situation.  Someone is getting something good.  Rather nondescript and open ended!  But, that's the whole point of the subscription box thing!

And in the process, you will score some great loot for yourself or whoever else in the house might be on the subscription circuit.  Yes, even my husband loves it!  Sign up for something fun and wait to see what happens.  

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