Milk Paint!

Finished projects - Top - kitchen chairs;  bottom left - one
kitchen chair is used at my bedroom dressing table;
bottom right - sewing table nightstand
I love crafts, refinishing furniture, sewing, knitting…anything that involves creativity and working with my hands.  My dad taught me how to refinish furniture when I was a teenager.  Since then, I've tackled on lots of furniture redo's.

My latest redo has been with Milk Paint.  If you start looking around at home stores, you will find lots of retailers that carry either Milk Paint or Chalk Paint.  Both of these paints are easy to use and allow one to create a "Shabby Chic" or distressed look on furniture.  I prefer distressed.  I just can't bring myself to say, "I'm going for the Shabby Chic look."  Its just too much!

Milk paint can be purchased in powder form and mixed in none other but my favorite mason jars.  Yes. These jars can be used for EVERYTHING!  The paint needs to be mixed ahead of time and can be mixed to the desired consistency.

Sewing table before
For these two projects that I recently did, I chose Boho Blue and Apple Green.  The Boho Blue was for a sewing machine cabinet that we use for a bedroom night stand.  The green was to be used with some kitchen chairs.

I did the sewing machine table first.  I removed the hardware first so that I could paint without ruining the metal on the cabinet.  I washed it down with a damp cloth to start with a clean surface.  The paint for this project was mixed rather thin because I wanted to be able to see through it in places.  When painting, apply as many coats as you like.  Layer until you get the look you want.  Just pay attention to the brush strokes as they tend to show.

After I finished, I let the paint dry overnight.  I took a piece of sand paper and removed some of the paint and dusted the surface with a feather duster.  Next, a coat of finishing paste was applied.  This paste sealed the paint and provided a slightly yellow finish to distress a bit more.

Sewing table in progress
For the chairs, I did the same thing.  But, I decided that I wanted them green with a bit of the boho blue.  Once the green was on, I washed them with a thin smear of the blue.  It gave a nice mixed color and turned out great!

Both projects were some of the easiest I have done.  The four chairs were painted entirely during King Diaper's nap!  I finished with paste the next morning.

And if you aren't crafty or think you can't do this, you can!  Its the kind of project no one can mess it.  It isn't supposed to be perfect.  The imperfections are what makes the finished project great!

Kitchen chairs
So, if you have a piece of furniture that needs a face lift, give it a whirl.  Also, if you pass my a junk store on the side of the road with a piece that could find a new home with you, pick it up.  This paint is perfect for pieces like this.  Our sewing machine end table was snatched up for $10!  And I love it!

Find your inner Martha and get your paint on.  Its a relaxing and easy way to get an entire project done in a weekend.  And what is more satisfying than that???