What's the rush all about?

Western Market in Mountain Brook
It seems like much of life comes down to a series of moments where I'm saying that I need to hurry up and get home.  Or, there is too much traffic, and I'll just go home.  Its out of the way.  And when I'm home or have been out of town during the week, it makes sense.  I just want to go home.  But, how many times do we tell ourselves these things when it really doesn't matter?  Are we really that busy?  And how many times do we cheat ourselves out of doing the simple things we want to do because of our internal clock and schedule?

While on the road for work, I try to take advantage of being in different places.  I enjoy eating at new and fun restaurants.  Pedicures are something that are fun to do after work.  If I am done for the day, why not?  I don't really have a reason to say no.  There is no bath time routine that I'm rushing through dinner for.  I'm not prepping lunch or anything else.  I spent my weekend doing all of that before I left to go out of town for work.  I've earned a minute.

Last week, while in Birmingham, I decided to make a quick trip over to Western Market in Mountain Brook.  I could pick up something for dinner and few things to take home.  No big deal.  I don't have any where to be until 8 in the morning.  I'm not talking myself out of this.  No matter what!

When I finished up that afternoon, it was 5:30.  Sigh.  If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing 280 in Birmingham during peak hours, it is religious experience.  You will either loose ever bit of religion you have.  Or, you will be praying with a like you are a tent revival to get you to your destination.  Either way, it isn't my idea of ending a day.

I trudge on.  And only 20 minutes later, I'm there.  Pulling into the parking lot and stepping into a meticulously organized store with lots of goodies that are hard to find at home.  So, I leisurely shop picking up things like mustard, white worcestershire sauce and a cider we have been anxious to try.  (And that my friends have teased me about since.)  It doesn't sound like much, but I enjoy cooking.  Having fun ingredients makes cooking enjoyable to me. Okay.  I don't have to justify this.

Not only do I find myself in a perpetual rush, I also feel the need to justify too many things.  Just last week, I was justifying an extra sock purchase for King Diaper.  I know.  Who cares?  My mind never stops.  That is the biggest part of my problem.

After its all over, I have some supper to take back to my hotel and I'm on the road.  Back out in the dark evening traffic that suddenly doesn't seem so bad.  And I'm glad I didn't talk myself out of this little side trip at the end of my day.

Its quiet.  My day is done.  I'll be able to rest at my hotel.  So, I turn up the Christmas music that is playing the first week in November and enjoy my drive.  Everyone at home will have some little treats when I get back this week.  Its these moments that make me smile and look forward to going back home.  And while many times it is the rush of it all, a break is okay.  Especially if I am already out of town.

Find ways not to talk yourself out of the simple things you want to do.  Take a walk.  Read part of your book or stop at a place you've been meaning to visit.  What's the rush?  Much of the time there really isn't one.