Essential Oils

I am in love with essential oils.  Since I was introduced to me this winter, I have become obsessed! Oils can be used for topical use, internal use and diffusing.  Before using any oils, you need to make sure that you are using pharmaceutical grade oils and check to see if they should be used before going all out!

I have a my little arsenal of basics, but am constantly expanding!  We use DoTerra Oils at our house.  There are several brands out there.  But we really like the quality of this brand.

The ones that we use are:

  • On Gaurd - Proprietary Blend by DoTerra
  • Breathe - Also a Proprietary Blend by DoTerra
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Wild Orange
  • Tea Tree
How do I use these oils?

On Gaurd
I diffuse this for killing air born germs throughout our house.  It is great to do this after you come home from school or being in a public place.  I add a couple of drops to our laundry to kill germs.  We even have a spay in a bottle that I use to disinfect surfaces safely.

I use this in King Diaper's diffuser in his room if he is getting congested.  I also mix it in a carrier oil and rub it into his check, back and bottom of his feet at night before bed.  It can also be added to his bath water at night.

I love to use this in water to wake me up when driving.  It is also just refreshing to drink.  It is also a good way to wake yourself up in the morning or for a mid afternoon pick me up with just a quick swipe under the nose!  Its also a great way to freshen your breath if this is in your water.  Win and win!

Also great for drinking.  I make a spray for counters and surfaces.  It is always a great scent to use in the house when cleaning or just first thing in the morning.  I also like to mix with wild orange for a nice citrus scent throughout the house.

I diffuse this at night throughout our house at the end of the day as we wind down.  I also add it to King Diaper's bath a lot to help calm him down.  We also keep this mixed in a spray bottle as a linen spray at the end of the night.

Tea Tree
This can be mixed with lavender and a carrier oil as a topical solution for rashes and skin irritations.

You can search for other ideas for making homeopathic muscle creams for sore and achy muscles to cold remedies.  Its really a matter of how widely you want to use these and what needs you have in your home.  

We have diffusers throughout our house.  I'm contemplating purchasing a travel one for when I'm on the road.  But, no worries.  Place a couple of drops onto cotton balls and spread around your hotel room, and you are covered.  I like to start the day with something happy and energizing like lemon and wild orange.  While I'm cleaning, I'll diffuse On Guard for germ killing properties.  We end the day with lavender around the house.  

Essential oils can be used for lots of different things around the house.  I love using them as sprays to clean because they are safe and effective.  Plus, the house smells great.  

If you are looking for more ideas and ways to use oils, Pinterest is a plethora of information.  I check out ideas from time to time for new ways to be healthier in our home.  Also talk to other users to find out what they are doing that they like.  I was recently introduced to a roller ball mixture that one user calls "Liquid Xanex".  Its a calming formula that can be rolled on easily and is a great scent.  She was willing to mix up a batch and sell it to me.  Happy all around.

I would not suggest to replace medicines that are necessary in your home for oils.  Talk to your physician first.  We talked to King Diaper's pulmonologist about the breathe formula.  She is fine with us using it, but it in no way replaces his needed breathing treatments.  I feel like anything that I can do to increase the quality of our life at home naturally is a good thing.

So, get your curious self out there and check out some oils.  At a minimum, they smell great and can make your house smell like a spa.  Who wouldn't like that?  Even my husband says he likes the way they make our house smell.  And this is high praise from someone who normally takes the side of "whatever makes me happy".