Dollar Store Art Supplies to Entertain Little Campers

Earlier this spring, I featured Activites for Little Camper.  We are usually pretty busy when camping with hikes, the campground playground, playing with legos and just being outdoors.  But, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan.  What about rainy days or just when kids are "bored" or want something else to do?

Stores such as Dollar Tree have an ever-changing selection of art supplies for kids.  Putting together a simple art kit for kids can be an inexpensive task.  I put together a fun art pack complete with a tote and storage box for stickers for less than $15.

Look for things that kids really enjoy doing or let each child pick out 5 to 7 items.  You can always go back replenish later if you set a limit on what children can pick out.  It's just something that children have to look forward to later.  What did we put in our kit?
  • Watercolor paint with brush
  • Several packs of stickers
  • glue
  • finger paint
  • paper
  • ceramic piggy bank for painting complete with brush and paint
  • tote and storage container for stickers
One of my favorite items we purchased is this ceramic bank.  Even if you don't do a whole art kit, you can get a bank for each child for $1 each.  It has the paint and brush.  Set up outdoors and let the kids paint their banks and dry.  If you want to help keep your kid's bank looking nice, spray with some clear sealant.  I have some craft spray that I use with projects like this.

Keep your box to take it back home without getting broken.  You kids will have a souvenir of their trip that they made.

Paintable bank with paint and a brush.

Painting and stickers are both favorites at our house.  So, I included both of these.  We have not done finger painting at home.  But, doing this activity outdoors and NOT at home is great.  I don't have to worry about paint ending up on my sofa and all over my house.  Just paint and wash off outdoors!  Watercolor paint is also another activity that can be a lot of fun.  And while you are at it, I recommend getting in on the fun.  I usually paint something while our son is painting.  It really is relaxing.

Finger paint

Include paper as part of your art kit so that you will have everything that you need.

Mickey Mouse Watercolor Set

We already had crayons so, I didn't purchase those.  But I did get some foam pieces and stickers to use with collages or to combine with painted pictures.  I do recommend getting a storage container for foam pieces or small craft items.  Keeping these contained helps keep things neat and tidy and clean up ready.  

Foam pieces with adhesive backing

I purchased a small case to store all of the foam pieces.

I purchased several packs of stickers to use.
Use the glue to make nature collages or torn paper art.  None of your art projects have to be fancy or complicated.  Spending the time alongside your child/children making art is a bonding experience that you both will remember.  Participating in an activity just because you want to do it is relaxing.  There doesn't always have to be a real product you are going for.  

Do you have an art kit or activities that you use on camping trips with kids?  A $15 kit will last you quite a while for lots of art projects.  These kits also make a good gift for kids at birthdays or even stocking stuffers during the holidays.  So you might want to squirrel this idea away to use for another time.  Exploring art is a way for your child to express his/herself and capture everyday experiences.
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