Easy Easter Decor with Dollar Store Finds

Easter table scape with found items from Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Target!

When you see a holiday display, do you think that it is a lot of money for a short time?  My practical upbringing tends to make me think that way.  I love to decorate.  Seasonal changes in my home are about all that happens with the exception of Christmas.  This year I decided to decorate a little more for Easter than years past.  The fact that I did this on a shoestring budget makes me even happier!  With a little creativity and few good ideas to start, you can do this too.

Check the garden section of your local dollar store to find spring animals to decorate with on your table.

Now is prime time to check out both Dollar Tree and Dollar General Stores for Easter and spring decorations.  You can also find fun holiday decor at Target in that little front bargain section when you enter the tore.   Some of the items that you can readily find are:
  • Ceramic and Metal Bunnies
  • Decorative Carrots
  • Bunny or Chick Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Aluminum Garden Style Containers
  • Decorative Eggs
  • Moss
  • Floral Foam
  • Plates
  • Candlesticks
  • Hanging holiday signs
I created my Easter decorations with a combination of items from home and things I picked up from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Target.  I spent a total of $25.  I already had a glass vase that I used for a mini stand and one wooden bunnie that I purchased last year from a craft fair.  Before you head out to the store, look around for what you have at home that you could use.  You might have a pretty piece of pottery or other items that you could use.

The key to creating a tablescape is various heights.  You don't want everything to be the same height. If you have a cake stand or stands, make use of them.  Or you can fake it like I did.  A candle stand and plate on top can create a faux cake stand that looks perfect.  You can glue together and spray paint or just leave them as it.  I went for the later.  Since the plate and candlestand are both white, I didn't paint, but if you have two different colors and want to coordinate pull out that trusty can of spray paint!

I topped this stand with a ceramic bunny and cloth, stuffed carrots from Target.  Both items were $3 each.  The carrots came in a little bundle for $3.  Spring automatically makes me think of green.  Dollar Tree has these little "moss"stones that I placed around on the plate.  I love the bright and cheery look!

I love this bright white bunny with the mossy stones and stuffed carrots.  
I created two different stands that have little items stacked on top to create interest.  The mini stand I created was a candle trivet stacked on top of a small glass vase.  These two stands gave me automatic height for very little.  The plate, candle trivet, and candle stand all came from Dollar Tree.

Make mini stands with candle trivits or small saucers and vases.
Next, I love cloches.  You can turn any glass container into a little one.  I purchased a glass container from Dollar Tree.  I placed some decorative moss and ceramic bunny inside.  That is all you need.  

A cloche with a bunny and moss is such a cute way to add color, texture and a lower level interest.

Dollar General is where I found this bunny in the garden section.
Finally, I created a faux floral type centerpiece.  I'm not really a fan of fake flowers.  But, these little egg tulip creations from Dollar General are so fun!  I bought the aluminum container at Dollar Tree along with moss and floral foam.  Place the foam on the bottom.  Insert the flowers at various heights.  Then add your moss to hide the foam and fill in the basket. This whole arrangement cost a total of $8!

I found the metal container, foam and moss at Dollar Tree for this arrangement.

Each of these egg tulips were $1 each!

Be sure to stagger the hights are you are arranging into the foam.

I completed my look with 2 little chick salt and pepper shakers.  You can find these at Dollar Tree.  And my wooden bunny from the craft fair looks great to round out my whole table.  I have a variety of heights, textures and bright colors for lots of interest!

Looking for more ideas to create a display using what you have?  
  • Add a seasonal print and frame for the table.  I used this Easter Print last year.  It is free!
  • Fill a mason jar with flowers.  I have an old tall blue one that I love!
  • Fill a tall clear vase with decorative eggs.
  • Use twigs and branches from your yard to make an arrangement on the table.
  • Look for plates and cups that you can use to create a three-tiered display on the table with decorative items.
Changing a table in your home can really make the look of a room entirely different.  You can do this on a kitchen counter, table, coffee table, sofa table or any place that you see often and what a little change from the winter months.  

Every time I walk into my living space, I enjoy looking at this display.  And, its a nice place to have a meal.  Last year I did a little Easter Table at the campground with flowers, the watercolor Easter Print, my trusty wood bunny, and a vintage tray.  No matter where you are, you can take the holiday cheer with you!

Last year's camping Easter display.

Do you decorate for Easter?  I would love to hear some of your decorating ideas!  And while you are at it.  Share this post on Pinterest!  Share your tables you create on social media.  If you do, be sure to tag me!  #southernglamper or @southernglamper