Springtime Vibes - A Camping Playlist for Your Next Adventure

When I was in college, there was lots of music at parties and in the background of dinners and hanging out.  One night, I can remember a big group of us having a pancake dinner around my grandmother's table in the small kitchen of my small apartment.  It was a dinner lit with candles and wax dripping over the wine bottles scattered over the table.  We had Sade playing in the background.  I can still see my kitchen filled with laughter, warm light and music.  Some of my favorite memories are filled with music.

On our last camping trip, I packed our little wireless speaker for us to enjoy music as we sat outside at our campsite.  We aren't those campers playing loud music that bothers other campers.  I keep our music low and just at the level of intrustion where we can hear it, but we aren't sharing a dance party with the whole campground.  What music provides the soundtrack to your campground?

For this spring, I created a Spring Camping Vibes playlist that you can enjoy at the campground.  It is 48 songs that provide a random sampling of everything from Bob Dylan to R.E.M and everything in between. This is music that you can listen to while sitting at your campground reading a book at lounging.  Or, you can enjoy this same play list around the campfire with friends.

If you are looking for more music options to enjoy at the campground, I really like the Tedeschi Trucks Band Radio on Pandora.  We played this on our last trip.  It is the perfect mix for us.  It has music that my husband and I both enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy this play list.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own soundtrack to enjoy.  So many happy memories are made with music drifting in the background.

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