Before Summer Begins - Thank Your Child's Teacher

When I was student teaching, I still remember a Mary Kay Satin Hands Spa set that a parent gave me.  Teacher appreciation week felt like Christmas.  That week at school, the PTO handed out little treats to the teachers each day.  The teachers were happy and cheery.  Parent volunteer visited classrooms with baskets of goodies.  It felt really good to feel valued your work with children. 

We had an excellent year at preschool this year.  My only regret about this year is that we didn't move our son to the preschool that he attended sooner.  The teachers and administrators are amazing, positive role models that make us feel good every morning when we arrive.  There is music playing in the halls.  All of those good vibes are contagious.

For teacher appreciation week, the school selected daily themes for parents to participate as they are able.  I love this idea.  This is also a great idea for parents that may be serving on committees for parent and teacher organizations.

Monday - Bring Your Teacher a Snack Day
Tuesday - Write a Note to Your Teacher Day
Wednesday - Gift Card Day
Thursday - Fresh Flowers
Friday - Bring a Gift or Treat to Your Teacher that Your Child Picks Out

Parents are not required to participate in any of these days.  These are suggestions to help parents pick and choose creative ways to thank their child's teacher.  If you are on a local PTO or another committee at school, this could be a great way to celebrate teachers.  These ideas may spark some gift themes of your own.  A school mascot or theme day could also be a fun way to celebrate.

I always keep little Natural Kraft Sacks for party favors and gifts.  These bags are handy and perfect for stuffing with homemade cookies or other treats.  I chose to stuff these bags with Hershey Kisses and attach a creative tag reading, "Hugs and kisses and summertime wishes."   I folded the top of the bag over and punched a hole through the bag and tag I created.  Garden twine is my go to for attaching gift tags.  This completed a snack day treat for teachers. 

While there are lots of fresh flowers around this time of year, we decided to take sunflower seeds for teachers to plant at home with their own children or families.  Sunflowers are easy to grow.  Add a couple of gardening tools, gloves or a watering can if you like.  I also created a tag reading "Teachers sow seeds that grow for a lifetime!" 

Since these seeds won't fall out of the packet as easily.  I punched a hole in the seed packet and gift tag.  I used the same garden twine to attach the tag to the seed packet.  You could do this with any type of easy to grow flower seeds.  I'm just partial to sunflower seeds.  And, I think this will make a fun summer project.

Creative tags can dress up any gift from ordinary to remarkable.  It shows thought and purpose.  This is mainly why I like to create little tags for gifts.  To save on my printer ink at home, I email these tags to a local printer and print using their paper and ink.  This is still inexpensive and gives you the desired results.

Finally, I let Joseph pick out something special for each teacher.  I was trying not to break the bank but wanted to give something nice.  Bird feeders are such a nice way to enjoy the outdoors and won't clutter up the home.  He picked out a bird feeder for each teacher and specified which teacher got which feeder.  He was so proud of these gifts.

If you a looking for a way to brighten a teacher's day as the year draws to a close, a simple treat bag, packet of flower seeds or a bird feeder are all excellent options.  I think that outdoor items just come naturally at our home since we like spending so much time outdoors. 

Thank a teacher and spread the love he or she has shared with your child and family this year.  Those little gestures go a long way and help teachers make it to the finish line of a school year.  Have a happy week!

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