My Favorite Gifts for Campers at Christmas

What made my list of camping gear for the ultimate RV and campers gift guide?
Have you been eyeing new camping gear for next year?  My husband and I both have.  We have been mulling over potential big-ticket purchases for months.  I'm a deliberate shopper that researches, reads reviews and compares prices before buying new gear.  Today I'm sharing my favorite gifts for campers at Christmas.  I've divided these into big-ticket splurges, mid-range gifts, and stocking stuffers.  So, there is something for every price point.  What made my ultimate gift guide list?

Big Ticket Splurges

Let's start with a splurge.  Campers, especially those in tents or pop up campers, need a really good cooler.  Even if you have a refrigerator in your pop up camper, it will not hold everything you need on a camping trip.

A premium brand hard side cooler is a game changer.  It ensures food safety for longer periods of time.  If you are balking at the price, these coolers are essentially investing in another fridge for your camper.

Orca Coolers are made in the US and come with a lifetime warranty.  These roto-molded coolers keep your food cold for 200 hours.  They also come in a variety of sizes.  The 58 quart is the right size for us.  However, they have coolers that go up to 140 quarts along with several color choices.  Measure the spot where you plan to transport your cooler and think about your family size when planning for this investment.

Partner your new cooler with a portable ice maker for making drinks and adding to your cooler as you need it.  I've been stalking these for months!  Igloo makes a red and aqua icemaker that has this little retro look to it that I'm in love with.  The aqua ice maker matches my camper!  Every camper I know that has an ice maker loves it. 

Finally, prepare your meals in style outdoors with the Camco Camp Kitchen.  With a grilling table, shelving for storage and a prep area, you have just the right spot for outdoor cooking.  Everything folds down to store.

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Mid Priced Gifts

If this isn't the year for a splurge, no worries.  Every camper needs a comfy chair for around the fire.  The Core Moon Chair is amazing.  I received this for Christmas last year and am still in love!  Add a small folding table next to your camping chairs for portable speakers, snacks and more.

For the grilling and campfire aficionado, the HomeRight Electric Fire and Charcoal Starter is just right.  This handy tool pulls double duty at both the campground at home.  My husband was stunned by how effective and quickly the coals light.  This tool can also crank up your campfire.

For your practical campers, try the Bissell Stick Vac.  This vacuum has can function as both a handheld vac and as an upright sweeper.  Get into tight spaces and take less time to do the job.  At $25, this vacuum is a steal!

Face the day with Ododos Leggings.  These have a pocket on the side for a phone or your keys.  They fit perfect and wash great.  I love how many color choices there are.  These leggings are a bargain at $20 and are my go-to for lounging, camping, working out and more.  Grab a favorite camping tee and go!

An infinity scarf and hat are a practical and stylish choice for any girl camper.  I like infinity scarves because they don't get in the way!  The plaid scarf and black hat are my favorites, but there are many more choices besides these.

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Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for a smaller item or stocking stuffer, look no further.  These gifts are all less than $35 and can fit right into a stocking.

Start your day out with a fresh cup of coffee using a collapsible pour over coffee maker.  Don't forget the paper filters!  Pair with a great bag of coffee and you have a whole gift set.

The Luci Inflatable Charging Solar Light inflates and charges in a sunny spot to both provide light at night and charge your devices.  These lights are compact and can be hung up inside of a tent or work well for backpackers too!  Deflate and store flat when you pack up your camp.  A year later, and our Luci Light is still going strong!

Start your fire the old fashioned way with Ohio Blue Tip Matches.  These are made in America by the second oldest match manufacturer.  Not all matches are made alike.  These are high quality and get the job done!

Smart Wool Hiking Socks will last forever.  The wool is naturally moisture wicking.  This company makes hiking socks for both men and women.  I own several pairs of these and love how well they wear and how long they last!  And if you are a runner or know someone who is, this company also makes excellent running socks.  

Pick up a new hat for dad or your significant other.  The Carhartt Akron Hat is lined and comes down over the ears.  It is perfect for fall and winter weather.  My husband thinks this design is spot on.

Finally, give a gift that preserves all of those camping memories with a Chatbooks Gift Card.  We made a Chatbook for every trip we have taken this year.  I use the mobile app to make our book right from my phone on the way from the campground!

Load the app onto your phone.  Create an account.  Select Create at the bottom of the app.  On the next screen, select Chatbooks Gift Card.  Then select, Get Gift Cards.  You can purchase and send gift cards by email or purchase and print out the gift card.  Anyone would love this gift!  You don't have to be a camper to enjoy a good photo book!

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What is on your camping gear wish list for the new year?  If you haven't written your letter to Santa yet, now is the time.  And, if you have a camping enthusiast at home, these make great gifts for others too.

Until next time...

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  1. Great article. Let me know which gift is on your wish list so I can make it happen

  2. The exact ice maker has been on my wish list but I just downsized to my Quicksilver Livin Lite 5.0 pop up! Yep, it is only a 5x6 box! So, now I can't fit even an ice maker!!! I am going to add that moon chair to my list though!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. That moon chair is amazing! Everyone that sits in it loves it. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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