Fall Links and Loves

My favorite new fall wreath!  I love making at least one new decorative piece each year!

Camping has become somewhat of an obsession.  I started out with the gear I thought that I needed, and what others recommended.  But, over time I've discovered what I actually need based on the trips we have taken.  I've been re-evaluating my camping gear and updating things throughout the fall.  It's been fun putting these little touches into action both at home and at the campground.  What little camping nuggets have I discovered?

I love coffee and a good trend.  I also love collapsible products in my camper.  I have a new silicone pour over coffee maker that I have been experimenting with at home.  You will need some little paper coffee filters for your new coffee maker if you decide to go this route.   If you want to know more about how to make a cup of pour-over coffee, you can read this step by step pour over guide.  It is worth the try and a straightforward way to make a superior cup of coffee!

The collapsible pour over coffee maker folds flat for storage.

The silicone pour over coffee maker fits perfectly over my Yeti mug!
My love of collapsible products doesn't stop with coffee.  Bunnie has new dog bowls for the camper that are collapsible.  These come with clips that can attach to your backpack to take with you on a hike.  And even though we have the tiny ones for our tiny dog, these collapsible bowls do come in other sizes!

Not everything can be collapsible.  I found a set of small tin canisters that are just right for my sugar, coffee, and flour.  The color is perfect for Peggy Sue.  And, they are pretty enough to leave out on the counter as a decoration.

These cansiters are just the right size and won't break!

On our next camping trip, I am thrilled that we finally have a set of flatware!  The Annapolis flatware from Liberty Tabletop is made in America.  If you need a place to store it all, the Camco cutlery tray is adjustable.   I've been working hard this year to eliminate disposable products from our camping routine.  Having designated flatware in your RV achieves this goal.  And, I'm supporting American workers with this purchase.

Support American workers with American made products.  Liberty Tabletop flatware is American made and is built to last!  
Craig was bent out of shape over cheap matches during our last camping trip.  I ordered a box of Ohio Blue Tip Matches to keep in our camper.  Made in America by the second oldest match manufacturer.  I feel like Lee Greenwood is about to break out in song here with "Proud to Be an American".

Finally, its that time of year when skin gets dry and needs a little extra love.  Bioderm Atoderm Shower Oil feels luxurious as a bargain price!  The smell is clean and fresh.  Partner with an exfoliating bath cloth to remove dead skin.  The length of the cloth really lets you scrub your back easily.  I don't know why I have gone so long without this!

The exfoliating cloth removes dead skin and the shower oil leaves skin soft without being greasy.  The smell is amazing too!
What are you loving this fall for the campground?  I'll be sharing my Camping Christmas Wish List in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for more great ideas!

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