Spring Camping Gear Guide

Camping themed toys are in full rotation in our home right now!

"I don't need therapy.  I just need to go camping."
If you are a camper, you need gear for that hobby.  I've mindfully selected each recommendation based on our own camping experiences. My Spring Gear Guide is divided into three categories:  Campground Kitchen, General Gear, and Health and Beauty.   There is something on this list for everyone in your group, and everything is under $75!

Campground Kitchen

Try some new recipes both at home and at the campground with the Campground Gourmet by Kate Dunbar.  You can download this e-book onto any mobile device using the free Kindle app.  There are a variety of recipes that will make you feel like a chef!  I'll be using this e-book throughout the year at the campground I'm sure.  

The Campground Gourmet is an excellent cookbook.  Our family has enjoyed every single recipe that we have tried.

Two pieces of gear that we used quite a bit over the past year are our Coleman Camp Oven and Nordic Ware Compact Baking Set.  This collapsible oven folds flat for storage.  It expands into a box that will fit over your standard propane burner to create a working oven.  I love how practical it is for baking.  The compact baking set is necessary to fit into the small space, and it is a well-made set of bakeware.  I have found that you will need a relatively high BTU stove to get your stove to heat up enough to do true baking.  For a pop-up camper, this oven and bake set is perfect.

The Coleman Camp Oven works just right for baking at the campground if you don't have an oven in your kitchen.  We love this tool.

Finally, as you serve up your campground meals, invest in a set of Liberty Flatware.  We have really worked to eliminate how many disposable items we are using at the campground.  Liberty Flatware is made in America.  The quality is excellent.  You will be able to wash and reuse your flatware over and over.  It's a lifetime investment.  And that is something that I feel great about.  This company employs Americans that are working and feeding their families right here in our country.  Consider buying a set of flatware for your RV that you can reuse and support a small American business while you are doing it. 

I really love this flatware and am considering getting a set for our home.  Support small businesses in the USA with Liberty Tabletop.

General Camping Gear

Before you ever hitch up and head out to the campground, you need a toolset that you can count on for little emergencies.  We have owned this Stanley 65 Piece Homeowners Kit for more years that we can count.  It travels with us to and from the campground.  It has basically anything and everything you would need on the road.  The carrying case is durable, and it can slide into your pop up camper for storage or into your tow vehicle.  

This Stanley toolkit has been well loved, but it has lasted for years.  This is why I am recommending this kit.

If you are planning to bring your bikes with you, a dual hitch extender will let you tow your pop up and add a bike rack.  This has been an excellent addition to our gear.  We are also able to back up and maneuver easier.  You will need longer safety chains if you make this addition onto your towing package, but this was an easy enough swap.  

If you want to bring your bikes to the campground, this is what you need.

Make storing all of your cords neat and tidy with the Cord Pro Organizer.  They have a larger size available as well.  This doughnut like storage system keeps everything inside so that cords aren't all over and tangled up.

Add a new, practical light that can function as both a flashlight with a nice handle and a lantern.  The Nebo Poppy does both.  It goes from tabletop lantern to dog walking flashlight in seconds.  And, the nice wide handle works great for small hands.  You can choose from four colors, and it comes with batteries.

Health and Beauty

Small spaces require creative thinking for all kinds of situations.  This includes the bathroom.  From porta potty's to full RV bathrooms, Poo Pouri is a spray before you go product that keeps odors at bay.  This could change your life in your camper.  You could also put this in your toiletry kit to the take with you to the bath house.  We have this product at home, and it really works!

As you gear up and get more active this spring, take care of your body.  The Village Naturals has soothing aches and pains relief.  I like all of their products.  They have bath salts, lotion and body wash.  These are great after hiking, bike rides, workouts or just at the end of the day.  Each one of these is spa-like products that smell great and make your body relax.  You can also find these at your local retailers like Walmart. 

What is on your wish list of camping gear for 2019?  Last year, I felt like we learned a lot from each other as we camped together.  I feel more prepared before going out on our first trip this year and more relaxed about hitting the road because of it.  

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