A Better Skin Care Routine for Active Lifestyles

Athia is a product line made in the USA and is cruelty-free.  It is developed for active women.  I have loved using these products this summer!

In Mississippi, temperatures and humidity are soaring.  Regardless of the weather, we spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer.  I work out regularly both in the gym and outdoors.  I love the benefits of being active, but these activities and the sun can be harsh on my skin.  This summer, I've tried a new routine that is geared toward the active lifestyle that I lead.   I've noticed a difference, and I'm glad I made this switch.

A Better Skin Care Routine for Active Lifestyles

How can you prevent breakouts and protect your skin?  Athia is a skincare line developed for a woman's active lifestyle!  They offer an entire line of products that cleanse and hydrate your skin.  They also offer a  beauty line to enhance your skin too.  The products are simple and effective.  I like the way they feel on my skin.  They aren't heavy and provide practical solutions for healthy skin.

While I don't consider myself an athlete, I decided to try the Athlete Bundle that includes:
  1. Daily Facial Cleanser
  2. Post Workout Spray
  3. Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer
I love this entire set, and it is an excellent way to give this brand a try.  The Post Workout Spray piqued my initial interest since I'm working out more lately.  But, I was in need of both a daily moisturizer and cleanser.  This set just made sense.  

Daily Facial Cleanser

The daily cleanser is mild and creamy.  It has a light citrus smell and provides a nice lather.  I have been using it morning and night.  It doesn't dry out my skin but leaves it clean and fresh.  I like how gentle and effective it is.  One small pump is all I need to get my skin ready for the day or for bed at night.  

Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer

I had a facial this year where the esthetician recommended using a moisturizer with vitamin C.  She encouraged this combination to brighten and keep my skin looking fresh.  Based on her recommendation, I wanted to try the moisturizer because of the vitamin C.  

It is light and absorbs into my skin quickly.  I like using this under my makeup each day.  It gives my skin a nice, smooth finish.  This product also only requires 1 pump to moisturize my entire face.  I've also found that my skin looks better and healthier even without makeup.  This is a huge bonus!

The daily moisturizer is light and works well on its own or under makeup!

Post Workout Spray

This is the product that sparked my interest when first examining this product line.  I pack this spray in my gym bag each day.  At the end of my workout, I spray it all over my face to help calm my pores.  It helps restore balance to my skin until I can grab a shower!  Its the perfect way to finish a hard workout. Be sure to close your mouth and eyes before spraying.  I also use a towel and dab my eyelids to keep them from getting irritated.  I have sensitive skin around my eyes, and I don't need a flare-up!

This bundle has been my summer trifecta for healthier and better skin.  Considering I'm sweating under a mask, at the gym, or just sitting in the shade at this point, I feel like my skin is in better shape than it has been for months!  I'm pretty skeptical about skincare products considering how many there are out there.  Plus, my skin tends to be oily and prone to breakouts.  Even at my age, I still have the skin of an ance plagued adolescent - not my jam!

Athia's products are made in the USA, and they are cruelty-free.  So, you can support American workers and feel good about your purchase while looking your personal best.  If you are considering giving Athia a try, use my code Glamper at checkout for 15% off of your purchase.  

You are never too young or old to start taking better care of your skin.  Athia is excellent for cheerleaders, athletes, campers, glampers, or just women on the go.  When your skin looks great, your natural beauty shines through, and you just feel better overall.  Give it a try.  You won't be disappointed!

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