Shampoo and Conditioner in a Bar - A Better Way to Bathe on the Road

When we still had Peggy Sue, we used the bathhouse at the campground.  I went for the simple approach to toiletries we used because of having to transport these items to and from our camper through the campground.  I felt like I had this nailed until I recently discovered shampoo bars and conditioner bars.  Yes.  You read that right.  Regardless of the RV you own or your campground set up, these items are a game-changer and you want to give them a try!  

Shampoo and Conditioner in a Bar - A Better Way to Bathe on the Road

A common question I see among campers is how to transport personal items to and from the bathhouse.  Even RV owners with a bathroom, want to know about the must-have items for camping.  Recently, I forgot a bottle of body wash in the shower before we left the campground and found it spilled and wasted in my shower once we arrived home.  Is there a better way to handle toiletries on the road?  

Enter St. Paulia Soaps and Bath Products.  Owner Amanda Pye, makes bath products that work for campers, glampers, and anyone that enjoys traveling.  I have been trying out the solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar.  

I was skeptical at first because I have forgotten my shampoo at home and used bar soap to wash my hair in a pinch.  Awful is the best way to describe that experience.  These shampoo and conditioner bars are far from typical bar soap.  So put your reservations aside and keep reading!

Wet your hair and run the shampoo bar through your hair.  The shampoo works into a rich lather that will leave your hair soft and clean.  I've been using it without adding additional hair products afterward to see how my hair responds throughout the day after being washed.  When camping, I wash my hair and allow it to air dry without extra products.  So, I felt like this was the best way to test these products.

The conditioner bar can be applied to wet hair in the shower.  I have fairly long hair.  I start about midway down the hair shaft and run it through my hair a few times.  I rub the conditioner bar into my hands and apply a little more closer to the crown of my head.  I rinse my hair thoroughly afterward.  My hair is never greasy and combs through easily.  

Both the shampoo and conditioner bars have a bonus of being multi-use products.  The shampoo bar can be used as a body wash.  The conditioner bar can be used for shaving as well as a lotion.  The flexibility of both the shampoo and conditioner limits the number of items I need to have packed and ready.  

When you are done, allow your shampoo and conditioner to dry.  The products come in an aluminum tin that won't rust.  Screw on the lids and store without the worry of spilling them into your luggage, toiletry bag, or in your camper when traveling.  They are lightweight and compact.  You can toss the tins into your bag, suitcase, or toiletry caddy.

The Tropic Sun Scent is what I have been using.  It smells like summer and one of the most popular scents, but there are also other scents available.  You can choose from a regular and travel size for the shampoo bar.  The conditioner bar is smaller and only comes in one size, but you won't need much to condition your hair.  

Now I can replace that partial bottle of body wash that spilled everywhere with my new bar shampoo and conditioner.  Everyone in my family can use these products, and we need products overall.  

I wish I had known about this product when we were still in our pop up camper.  These products would have been great when using the bathhouse.  For tent campers and pop up campers, these products are a no brainer.  But, I love these in our current camper.  I won't be spilling shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  These products are compact and effective.  

And who says you have to camp to use bar soap and conditioner?  Pack them in your kid's overnight bag to visit grandparents.  You can even use these if you travel for work.  And, they would be perfect for flights!

Check out St. Paulia Soaps and Bath Products.  If you have questions about something that interests you, drop Amanda a line!  I'm sure she will be glad you did.  

I love supporting small, women-owned businesses.  And what better way to do that with a product that is practical as it is great!  Until next time...

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