7 Tools for Better Hair Care on the Road

I have a hair care basket in my RV bathroom with everything I need on the road.

I travel a lot!  I travel regularly for work and with my family.  Over the years, I've perfected my travel game.  (or at least I think I have!)  The hair products I keep in our RV is practical, easy and gives me options if I need them.  So, what's in my hair care stash?

7 Tools for Better Hair Care on the Road 

All of my hair stuff fits into one compact basket under the vanity in our RV bathroom.  You don't need a ton of hair stuff.  My hair is fairly long.  I wear it up most of the time when camping or have on a hat.  But, I still need to wash my hair.  And, there are occasions where we do things like go to a restaurant or somewhere fun where I might want to put a little more effort into my appearance.  I have 7 key items that fit the bill!

Dry shampoo, hair ties and hair pins are three basics that I always have with me!

Dry Shampoo

A good can of dry shampoo can go a long way on the road.  I use it between washes.  To get the best use out of your dry shampoo, spray it evenly throughout your hair.  Brush it completely through after you finish.  Finally, I use a blow dryer to give it a shot of hot air while brushing through again.  I get the best results by finishing with the blow dryer so that my hair gets a good dose of dry shampoo without having cakey spots!  Its the finisher that you don't want to skip.  If you don't want to go to the trouble of a blower dryer, at least give it a good brush!  

Hair Ties and Pins

I keep a random assortment of hair ties and pins to keep my hair out of my face.  The Goody Hair Bands are probably my all time favorite.  They won't rip your hair out and last forever.  Add a standard box of bobby pins, and you should be set for a while!

Hair towels and scrunchies are great to quickly remove moisture from your hair after you wash it.

Hair Wraps and Scrunchies

One of the most practical things you have own if you have long hair is a scrunchie!  I use a towel type scrunchie to help absorb as much water as possible after I wash.  I don't always like to put heat on my hair.  Then, after my hair is dry, I sleep in a silk scrunchie.  I've had this silk scrunchie for 3 years, and it is still in great shape.  I have a microfiber hair towel as a back up.  

You may not think you need a styling wand on the road, but it comes in handy more than you would think!

Styling Wand

I know that not every one will agree with me on this item.  But, I like a hair straightener that I can use to smooth my hair or give it a few curls.  I don't use a styling wand or straightener a lot on the road, but I do use it occasionally.  And, it doesn't take up a lot of space.  If you want to reduce your load, this might be the thing to loose.  But, if you have room, throw one in your toolbox for the times that you want to do something fun!

My Kenra Blow Dry Spray and Revlon Compact Blow Dryer are the perfect pair!

Blow Dryer

My Revlon Compact Blow Dryer packs a pretty big punch!  I find that we use our blow dryer more in the colder months that warmer ones.  I actually use my blow dryer quite a bit.  I hate to send our son to bed with wet hair.  I dry my hair more in the winter months  This blow dryer folds up to save space.  I've had this one for 4 years, and its in great shape!

Blow Out Spray

I use Kenra Blow Out Spray every time I wash and blow dry my hair.  This will give your hair lots of shine while protecting your hair when you using a blow dryer or a styling want.  Its one of the few styling products that I use.  I also use Kenra 25 Hair Spray.  I don't use this a lot and typically have a small can if any.  

This vented brush makes it easy to blow dry your hair.


This is my very favorite brush.  I can use it to just brush my hair.  But, it is also great for using it with a blow dryer.  Its lightweight but is kind of big.  I hate compact brushes.  I've tried to love them but just can't.  They seem to get tangled in my hair and just don't do the job.  This brush is probably the biggest hair tool that I have, but it is the most practical thing that I use!