ML Provisions Custom Hat Experience and Review

There is a wide array of hats on display to gather inspiration for your custom hat!

Unique gifts that someone will truly treasure isn't always easy.  As I get older, I seek out gifts that are meaningful and interesting.  I don't want to check a box to say that I've gotten someone a gift for the sake of an occasion.  Last year, I ran into a former co-worker that had posted on social media about some custom hats made in South Mississippi.  I asked her about it, and she raved about the experience and encouraged me to do it.  And, so we did.  Why do you need or want a custom hat?

Her shop beautifully displays everything from the hats to every single piece of trim.

ML Provisions Custom Hat Experience and Review

ML Provisions is located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.  Mary Landrum is the owner and proprietor that has honed this skill and will welcome you to her shop with effortless charm.  She crafts a beautiful product in her down home workspace that is an experience in itself. 

Mary Landrum is a master craftswoman that loves what she does.  She is a joy to listen to as she tells you stories about her time out west before returning to her home state of Mississippi!

She carefully helps you to select a trim that fits your style and hat just right!

My husband loves a good hat.  He purchased his first "expensive" hat in Marfa, Texas a few years ago.  It is a wool Stetson hat that is plenty nice and cost more than I would have thought of any hat at just over a $100.  He has worn that hat over and over again over the last three years.

A custom hat is a different thing entirely.  First, you can pick out everything from the color of the hat itself, the trim, and how the hat is finished.  Miss Landrum is a master craftsman and wants you to be happy with the finished product and takes great pride in her work.  She helped me to select a hat color based on my skin and hair color.  I think she must have been spot on because I have received lots of compliments on the hat every time I wear it.  Not only does it look great, it fits like a dream.  She will show you how to wear it and ensure the fit is just right as well as how to care for it.  This isn't your run in the store and pick out a new hat experience.

I was overwhelmed at first by the options but then began to select items as we talked through the process.

Craig took a much more practical approach to his hat and has enjoyed the finished piece.

If you want to have her to make a hat for you, plan ahead and plan early.  It can take you several months to get a spot on her schedule.  Be patient.  That is part of the charm.  Good things, really do come to those who wait.  

Once your spot is available, she will reach out with a calendar where you can select a date and time that works for you.  She will ask for a $100 deposit when you select and book your spot.  Hats start at $500.  The $100 deposit will go toward the hat itself.  Don't have sticker shock just yet.  It truly is far superior to any other hat you have owned off the rack.

The duck feather piece can be removed and swapped for something else if I choose to do so.  I would love to have a quail feather piece to swap with from time to time.

Craig's hat is just his style.

The hat you end up with is a classic and will last you a lifetime.  I've seen hats she features that include all sorts of personal items on the trim.  So, if you have something special, you can bring that for her to incorporate into your design.  One of the best ways to get ideas and see samples of her work is to follow her online on Instagram.  She updates her work almost daily, and every hat I see seems to be more intriguing than the last.  

Trims can include wild bird feathers such as quail, pheasant or duck.  I selected duck feathers because my father was a bird hunter.  He was known by my uncles for nearly never missing a shot at a duck.  He killed enough ducks one season for my grandmother to make an entire feather pillow that we still have today.  My husband was intrigued by the pheasant feathers.  They are beautiful and have a classic look to them.  

Even the interior of the hat is custom placed.

Other trims she has include intricate ribbons, rich leathers and more.  Once you start to pick out what you love, she will help you to put it all together with artistic beauty and grace.  I incorporated Mississippi State colors for my alma mater.  Craig stuck to classic leather and a few additional colors.  Both of our hats suit us perfectly.  

Overall the experience is laid back and fun to do.  You get a chance to see a craftsperson complete a hat start to finish.  She brands all of her pieces with her logo underneath, and you can customize your hat with a brand of your choice on the hat as well.  We both wanted the outline of our home state, Mississippi.

Selecting our brands to go on the hat was one of our favorite parts of the process.

She brands her logo underneath each hat.  The brand of your choice can be placed elsewhere.

Hats are both functional and fashionable.  Craig and I have both worn ours quite a bit since our visit in December. It is warm and practical in the winter.  But they are also stylish and fun to wear around town too.  I questioned how much I would wear my hat at first and almost didn't do one for myself.  But, I'm glad that I did.  

If you are looking for a unique experience, reach out to ML Provisions and get your name on the list for a custom hat.  It makes a great gift for someone you love or even yourself.  This was our gifts to each other at Christmas this past year.  We took the day off work and enjoyed spending the day together on a short road trip to south Mississippi.  

We really enjoyed this little excursion.

Craig was so surprised that I had planned this.

I was on the fence about getting a hat until I arrived.  Once I saw the finished products in her shop, I couldn't leave without one!

My home state is full of talented artist just like Mary Landrum.  I love celebrating all that my home has to offer.  Getting out and exploring these little nuggets is part of the charm of the Hospitality State.  She truly rolls out the red carpet for every guest that opens her shop doors.  You will leave with an original piece that you will treasure for years to come and an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Until next time..enjoy the open road wherever it may lead you!  

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