Baby Gear to Skip

Puj folding bathtub
There are lots of items you need and others you don't when your new arrival comes.  I was lost when it came to purchasing baby things.  Plus, I was on best rest at 21 weeks where I spent the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy.  And even with the 6 months plus of time to prepare before King Diaper came home, I was overwhelmed with what I needed.

Some friends gave me ideas and advice.  And I just figured out the rest as we went along.
  1. Bottle Warmer - I just used an old fashioned wide mouth mason jar, pint size.  Add about 1/3 of the way full of water and heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  Add your bottle, and you are good to go.  Easy.  And it one less thing cluttering up your house.
  2. Diaper Genie - Maybe it is just me, but there is something that really bugs me about having a huge container of diapers storing up in my house.  We just take them out regularly and are completely happy with that situation.
  3. Swing - This is an item that is used for only a short period of time.  If you have a vibrating bouncy seat or something else, it will do just fine.  Or if you get the swing, skip the bouncer.  Remember that you don't need multiple items like this.  And if it is a deal breaker, maybe check out consignment shops or social media swaps.  These things can be really expensive!
  4. Fancy Pack N Play with a changing station attached.  This is yet another bigger expense and item.  Simple is much better. Remember, the more pieces that you have, the more stuff it is to pack up when you are done playing!
  5. Big plastic bath tub.  I went with a smaller and easier flat tub that would fold into shape and would fit into the sink.  After bath time, it hangs flat in the shower to dry.  Puj is the maker of this tub, and it is awesome!
When you are registering for baby items, really think about what you need and don't.  Sometimes new mothers think we need tons of gear and that it simplified the process.  But, some of the gear is just becomes clutter central.  Just normal household items will do.

And finally, this stuff is big and bulky and will crowd you out of your house!  This is also a big consideration.  Every item we have was thought out from the perspective of space.  That is a big thing to think of unless you have limitless amounts of space to store everything.

One last thing to remember with a newborn is clothes.  I hate to be "not fun" but I wouldn't invest in lots of expensive dress up outfits for a new born.  One or two will do.  It is fun to dress up a new baby, but they grow out of it faster than you can imagine.  And, you won't be getting out that much with a little one.  So, simple sleepers, onsies and socks are the most practical.  There is plenty of time for smocked outfits and truck show clothes.

Have a great week!