Top Ten Baby Items for New Moms

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To start the month of September, I'm going to do a three part post of baby gear items for moms.  Also this month, I'm hosting a give away contest for a set of 3 Dr. Brown's Standard Bottles.  You can register for the contest on my blog to the right of this post.  All I'm asking is that you share your favorite baby product or gift.  I want to know what others like to use at home with their little one's or what you like to give as baby gifts.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had no idea what I would and wouldn't need.  Even though I have lots of mom friends, everyone is different.  And I was lost trying to figure out what I needed and didn't.

Looking back over the past two years, I can see what things were awesome to have.  Any new mom is going to need sleepers, socks, and hats.  Those are just the basics.  But beyond that, what are the necessary items?  Here is my top ten list!

  1. Changing Pad - I turned a simple dresser into a changing station by placing a changing pad on top.  One day, it will just be a dresser.  But for now, we have double duty going on.  If you go this route, make sure that the dresser top is waist high for easy of use.
    Some of my favorites!  Wipe warmer, Sophies, Mobile, and
    Changing Pad!  
  2. Wipe Warmer - We looked for any way to make King Diaper comfortable in the hospital.  This was one of the first baby gear items we bought, and it is still awesome.  
  3. Mobile - Babies love music and movement.  Just get one.  You will be glad you did!  It doesn't have to be fancy either!  There are ton's on the market.  Pick one that suits your theme or decor.
  4. Lullavibe - Okay, this might be the most genius product ever.  It looks like a padded ping pong paddle.  It vibrates and can be placed under the mattress to soothe the baby at bed time.  The nurses would also place it on our little one's rear and let it vibrate him to sleep.  This could be a sanity saver for a fussy baby!
  5. Travel System - Waking a baby after going to sleep in the car is no one's idea of fun.  Having a travel system allows you to remove the car seat from the base and snap into a stroller.  We LOVED this.  Its a big purchase and kind of bulky.  But it is worth it!
  6. Pack N Play - Keep it simple.  We got one at our shower as a gift.  It was an item that we have used for a long time.  These are also great for travel!
  7. Sophies - These were our little man's favorite teething toys.  They are soft and natural.  You can find these little giraffe teething toys at just about any baby shop as well as Target.
  8. Dr. Brown's Bottles - Just trust me on this one!  Dr. Brown's bottles are a life saver for a colicky baby.  Lots of parts, but awesome.  
  9. Medella Pump In Style - This breast pump comes in a carrying case.  This pump is built into it.  It comes complete with bottles for storage and a little cooler.  The blue ice is shaped to fit around the bottles and keep the milk cool until you get home.  It was a great pump that was in use for a long time.  This pump can even be used with a battery pack and a car charging adapter.  
  10. Tommy Tippee Milk Bibs - This are bibs with little padded collars around the neck to absorb any dripping milk from the babies mouth.  
The bonus items for any new mom is a jogging stroller.  I wrote about jogging strollers in an earlier blog post.  You can read about it and decide for yourself.  But, its a way to encourage mom to get back in shape and getting the baby out for fresh air.  I have LOVED mine.  I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

Everyone has ideas about what new moms must have.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you loved best as a new mom.  Or check out one of the items from this list.  It may not be the list for you, but these are great items and would be loved by most every mom!