For those who need nothing and others who have little

So you may already be rolling your eyes just from the title of this post.  But, hang in there with me.  Every year at this time, I have the same conversation over and over about how I don't really need anything.  Many people would admit the same thing.  It is a blessing.

However, there is one thing that I really do want but cannot really ask for, and it isn't going to happen.  We had never really intended for King Diaper to be an only.  It is something that I struggle with and am growing to accept.  

And, in accepting this, I take great joy in our life with him.  It is great.  And he the part of my life that I was missing and longing for before having him.  

But, I also think about other children that long just as I do for basic needs.  This past year, I learned about a ministry in Uganda that helps children in need.  Many of these children have lost their parents tragically and do not have a support system to care of them.  

Sonrise Ministries helps to provide a place for both babies and children to grow and thrive.  Babies are cared for in a partner ministry called the Sonrise Baby Home.  But, this isn't free.  And they depend on donors to help support the children they care for.  

This year, we are going to help sponsor a child there.  I like that persons can select a specific child to sponsor/co-sponsor.  Persons can read about the child and learn more about the children in need.  When I see these children, I think about our own child and the life he has and children his very age in need just like him.  Its a connection that I cannot deny and is very real.  

So, if you are looking for a way to give back and something different to do as you start the new year, consider this as a gift to yourself or for someone you love.  And, if you want to help locally, look for a children's home in your area.  These facilities help children that are in need.  

I'm not asking Santa for a little brother or sister for King Diaper.  But, I do want to try and help a little child somewhere else to have a better life.  To me, it is a gift to be able to help someone else even when I want something I can't have.