Get Your Merry On!

Merry Christmas!
I love crafting!  This Christmas it was time for a wreath update at our house, and this might have been one of the easiest and most enjoyable projects that I have ever done.  It required both little time and skill.  So, this is a craft for anyone.

What do you need?

  • Wire wreath form
  • Mesh Ribbon or Burlap, 6 to 7 inches wide and choose about 3 colors that coordinate
  • Decorative items to finish, ornaments or letters, etc!
I started with my wire form and started with my first color.  You will want to start off with your bold color that you want to stand out the most or is your widest width.  You will start by pulling a loop through the form making a puff.  This loop with have a tail that is the end of your ribbon where you start and can be tucked in at the end.  The other end will be used to continue working around until you are finished.  

Wire wreath form, accent pieces
and ribbon
Pull up another loop through another section in the wire form from the longest end of ribbon.  Continue doing this all the way around until you have finished your roll.  Save the tail to tuck in at the end as you finish off.  You will want to space your ribbon so that you can work all the way around with your first color.
Tuck your first ribbon/mesh that you want to stand out the
most and is bolder than the others 

Next, you will start to do the same thing with your second color.  You will space your second color around the first working in and out all the way around your wreath.  Finally, doing the same thing with the third color.

On the third, you will find that you have less space and need to work a little to pull your pieces into the wreath.  This last color should be your accent color to make things pop.  You may also use less of this final color.  

Last, you will attach any accent pieces like your ornaments or monogram letters.  This will just depend on your theme and color scheme.  Check out the holiday ornament section of your store and pick up things that will work in well and aren't easily broken.  

After all the ribbon
You will end up with a fluffy wreath that is easy and pretty.  You can pick bright shiny mesh and pair it with simple burlap.  Look for colored burlap as well.  The main thing is picking things that have enough width and bulk that they will hold their shape as you make your loops.  I had a little ribbon left and used it as garland on my tree.
Accent pieces are gold peacocks and holly

This would also make a great gift for someone that you know!  This was my little nap time craft over Thanksgiving weekend.  And, I'm glad I did it.  Get your merry crafting on with a Christmas wreath.  Doing a simple craft like this is the best way to be successful with something new and customized just for you!