Making the right decisions are always the hardest and easiest

Jinx the wonderdog!
Craig and I were always cat people.  When we met, I had my cat Sage.  Then we added our cat Guthrie the year we married.  But somewhere along the way, we became dog people.

I remember it well.  I had agreed to dog sit for a college friend.  Mercedes is a miniature pincher mix. She is chocolate brown, vivacious and the best dog one could imagine.  Having a dog to sit in the kitchen underfoot while I cooked and begging for attention was fun.

Cats are so very different.  They don't really need people other than to feed them and clean their litter box.  You are their human, and you can to earn their love in a snooty little game they play.  And while I love cats, I fell in love in dogs.

Our first dog was Jinx.  She was given to us by someone who needed a new home for this little pomeranian chihuahua mix.  This pomchi was literally like a stuffed animal.  She didn't bark.  She went every where with us.  She had a whole wardrobe and rode around in her purse waiting to see what was next.

After Jinx was our sweet Tia that unfortunately was lost in a mishap on a 4th of July that I can't bear to discuss!  Now, we have Bunnie.  She is a long hair chihuahua that is a sweet little girl.  She is very shy but friendly.

In our four years of having her, my husband and I have talked over and over about getting her a companion.  And in theory it seems like a good idea.   Before now, long before now, it would have been the right thing to do.  But now it isn't.
Bunnie sporting her pink dress

Craig has a soft spot for animals and has just said "whatever you want to do" when a pomchi puppy became available.  Which for most people would be the right thing.  My husband is saying do whatever.  The dog is cute.  She is what we would want in a dog.  And to top it off, she is the brindle black and tan mix coat that I have always wanted.  So why isn't it the right decision.

Well, for starters, I gave up buying things that we don't need for Lent.  So, maybe Bunnie needs a friend, but is it a necessity?  Not really.  Its really a want.  Plus, we don't NEED another dog.  We don't.

We are also about to seriously start to potty train King Diaper.  I don't believe that anyone in our home wants to potty train a toddler and house break a dog simultaneously.  Craig is saying "whatever you want now."  But, in six months, he will not be happy and it will turn into, "You just had to have that dog!"

And, Bunnie is not alone.  Ever really.  My mom keeps our son at our home.  Then my husband or I come home and we do it all over again.  Then we are home on the weekends.  Or, she goes to the sitter if we are out of town.  She is around people 24/7.  Literally!

Puppies are so cute and fun.  They are easy to fall in love with, but they are also expensive.  They have to be "fixed" and get shots.  Then you have to feed them.  And there is always something that is not planned.  Our not planned with Bunnie last week was $120 and still has to have her shots for this year.

Oh, and we have two outdoor dogs.  So yes, we are kind of the crazy pet people that are about to become possible pet hoarders if we add one more to the mix.

So, even though I could do what I want, and I want that dog - We aren't.  Yes.  I want to do this and we could.  But, it just doesn't add up.

Best friends...kind of...
Will we ever get Bunnie a friend?  Yes.  Probably in another year or so, the time might be right.  King Diaper would be potty trained.  He could enjoy a dog much more.  And eventually, he would be able to help take care of another pet.  And for us, that is the right time.  When we can all participate more fully.

Making the right decisions are not always easy.  But, given a little thought and talking it through, it is.  It just makes more sense to wait.  It is the thing that I like least about being a grown up!  I want to be impulsive and do whatever I want because I can.

Isn't that what being a grown up is?  "I can do whatever I want when I move out...or have a job....or am 21..."  And yeah, its never really like that.  But, I'm not really disappointed.  Because I am doing what I want.  I'm making the decision and deciding what to do.  I have the option to get a dog or not get a dog.

Not all decisions are that easy, but I do think that decision making has really changed in our house.  3 years ago, we would be on our way to get that dog this weekend.  But instead, we are having spring pictures made in a mini session and doing whatever else is going on.

And that is the easiest part of all.  We are choosing to do it this way.  And besides, we might turn into cat and dog people.  King Diaper loves cats.  Choosing to wait will also allow our little boy to factor into the choice when the time right.