Two Chrome Extensions That Can Save You Money

Chrome is my web browser of choice.  One of the main reasons are the extensions that you can add into the browser.  If you not familiar with this concept, Chrome Extensions are like little apps that you add to your browser.  You can add them by going to the Chrome Web Store.

Once installed, they will appear at the top right of your tool bar next to the URL or address bar.  It is super simple.

Ebates is probably something you have heard of from an ad on television.  The ad tells viewers how much money they have earned shopping online.  It is a real thing.  I used to think it was a gimmick, but it does work.

Now this isn't going to let you quit your day job, but it will save money for you over time.

Install the Ebates Chrome Extension.  When you are shopping online, a window will appear if you visit a shop that has an Ebate deal.  Just activate, and when you complete your purchase, you earn money that will come back to you in the form of a check or Pay Pal deposit.  And it does add up over time.

Ebates can be used everywhere from Amazon to hotels to Ebay.  Since it is an extension, you don't have to look for a coupon.  Ebates is working on the background and notifies you of deals that are available.

Honey is a new Chrome Extension.  This is the perfect Chrome Extension for Amazon shoppers.  Once you are shopping on Amazon, it will tell you it the items you are viewing or have in your cart are available at a cheaper price from another seller!  It is that easy!  I have tried it out and have found things to be $5 or more cheaper from other sellers.

Who doesn't want to save money!  And these are both tools that work for you without any searching for codes or online coupons!

So get out there and install come Chrome Extensions into your browser.  These two are ones that you can use all the time.  Especially if you online shop.  You can thank me later!

Do you know of other money saving Chrome Extensions or tools you use online?  Feel free to comment and share!  I'd love to hear more about how you shop online.  Have a great week!

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