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Replacing A Pop Up Camper Mattress on a Budget

Saturday, February 4, 2017

When we bought our pop up camper, I wanted to make our bedding soft and comfortable.  Replacing bedding on a budget is easier than most may think.  After looking at mattress toppers, we found a great solution to our bedding dilemma.

Classic Brands Memory Foam Sofa Mattress was perfect for our Jayco Quest Pop Up Camper.  This mattress is 4.5 inches thick which allows us to close up our camper with ease while sleeping comfortably.  There are 2.5 inches of base foam with 2 inches of memory foam on top.  This is just the right size for us.

While these mattresses are made for sofa bed replacements, these work just right for our space.  One thing that I liked immediately when reading about these mattresses online is that they come with a mattress cover that breathes.

The mattress cover zips closed and is well made!
The Classic Brands mattresses arrive in tall boxes and the mattresses were vacuum sealed inside.  We removed the mattresses from the sealed plastic and immediately each mattress began to expand into a full size.  While sometimes foam mattresses can have a lingering smell, I didn't notice any from these.

The mattresses were vacuum sealed and easy to roll out in the camper.

Campers tend not to be standard with size.  While our camper has "full" beds, the sofa bedding was a little wide.  No worries.  The foam is easy enough to trim and stuff back into the zippered cover.  After tucking the cover under, no one can even tell that we trimmed the size.

To make sure that we trimmed correctly.  I measured from the inside of the bed lip that slides in and out on the camper and marked the overage for trimming.  I marked a dot with that exact measurement all of the way down the foam mattresses and then scored with an Exacto knife.

My husband took a bread knife and used the bedding lip as a guide to trim straight up and down from the scored marks.  Perfect fit!  We zipped the cover back around and stuffed it under the mattress.

Trimming to fit was easy with a bread knife.  The mattresses come with a breathable mesh that surrounds the mattress inside the cover.  We just closed this inside the cover.

Once zipped up and tucked underneath, no one can ever tell these mattresses were cut to size.  They are perfect!

The mattresses are thick and hold their shape well.  I really like how they cushion around the body when laying on them.  If you feel like you still need a little something extra, add a few foam squares underneath.  Incstores Diamond Soft Extra Thick Anti Fatigue Interlocking Foam Tiles - 2ft x 2ft Tiles are perfect to place directly under the mats to help make beds extra comfy.  These mattresses are great and don't really require it, but many campers talk about foam tiles as another way to make bedding better.  It is certainly worth exploring if you have trouble sleeping somewhere other than your own bed at home!

When pricing mattress solutions for us, I had originally considered purchasing mattress toppers to lay over the existing thin bedding.  However, a 3-inch mattress topper would have been nearly the same price as the Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress.  I saw mattress toppers yesterday that was $99.  Our existing mattresses that came with the camper were 2 inches thick.  To add enough thickness to make our bedding comfortable this would have been the cost.  The sofa mattress replacement from Classic Brands gave us entirely new bedding for the same price as a thick topper.  This makes the Classic Brands Mattress a perfect fit for us.

We are camping ready with our new bedding and mattresses!

It is a high-quality mattress at a great price.  Our mattresses arrived sealed and compact for easy installation.  These will be the mattress that we use to replace our existing sofa mattress.  So, if you are looking for a sofa mattress instead of something for a pop-up camper, this is the one.

And I think my son approves!  I'll be doing a complete reveal tomorrow.   We are done, and ready to go camping.  Its been a lot of work over the last four weeks, but I think all of it has paid off.  And the work has definitely been in the details.

If you have questions or comments about these mattresses or other parts of this project, feel free to ask.  Thank you for following along.  This is just the start.  Soon, we will be sharing our camping adventures.  We can't wait!

Trying out the new bedding!

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  1. I love the mattress idea that you shared. I will be ordering a queen for our 1999 Tracker Trailstar12 popup. Not a new unit but new to us. Currently, we are struggling with mold/stain removal on the inside canvas! Any idea's?

    1. Glad you like the mattress idea! We love ours! When treating mold and mildew on a canvas you have to be really careful with the chemicals you use. You can look for items specifically for canvas at camping world or similar store. Issos mold and mildew cleaner is another one I see recommended often. You can order it from Amazon I'm sure. Let me know how it works!

    2. You can also replace the canvas. We just bought a 1988 Coleman Newport that is in great shape but there is wear and tear after 25 years. I found this great site to buy the entire set (it's cheaper than sections)

    3. Use Zeb from Lowe's it works wonders

    4. Thanks for the additional ideas and input! We replaced our canvas on our camper! I did a post on this a couple of months back. We also used Canvas Replacements.

      I have not heard of Zeb, but I am going to have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We found "shoo-mold"(from the makers of shoo-fly") which uses enzymes and citric acid to "eat"the mold. The spots on canvas changed colors and the smell was erradicated! I have a bleach based product i have been afraid to use. Shoo-mold is great. Im writing this camping right now. We are going to retreat before we put it away for the season. Found some mold on the awning we missed. On plastic the mold came off with scrub brush. Hope it helps.

  3. Did the mattress cover come with the mattress?

    1. Yes. The mattress cover does come with the mattress. It zips around and has held up well over time.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I really prefer air mattress for camping because it's easy to carry everywhere and you can have good sleep on it.
    air mattress for everyday use

  6. Hi! Are both of your camper beds the same size? And what size mattress did you order? We’re also looking to replace ours. Thank you!

    1. Yes. Both of our beds are the same size. I have a full on each end in our small pop up. But I know that many pop up campers have a king on one end and another size on the other! Please see my additional comment below about sizing. Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for this! We are looking to replace our mattresses as well. Can I ask what sizes you ordered? Our camper beds are different sizes. One of which is closer to a standard king size. Thanks!

  8. I used full size mattresses and cut them to fit because sometimes (most) RV sides are different from standard home mattresses. Measure your space for your mattress and purchase accordingly. But, you are most likely going to have to cut to fit. I hope that this helps. And probably king is going to be the right size before you adjust. Thank you for your comments! I hope that your new bedding works out great!

  9. Hi. Love the idea of replacement via hiding sofa beds. My pop up is King on one side double or full on other .Don't see where a king size is offered for sale. If they don't mAke a king size would you recommend just get to g the queen size? size

    1. Hi Jackson! I too could not find a King Size Classic Brands Mattress that is the sofa replacement style. If you are in a pop up, you are limited on how thick the mattress can be. You could measure spot for the king bed and compare it to the queen. However, Lucid does make a King size mattress. This is what I would do. I think you should have more mattress and trim rather than one that it too small.

      Check out this one.

      I'd love to hear how it goes!

  10. A good mattress is essential for a good night's sleep and the energy you have throughout the next day. It also affects your posture. Hometts


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