Safety First with a First Aid Kit While Camping


Since this first post, we were one a camping trip and a child had a bicycle accident near our camper.  I ran out and handed our neighbor our first aid kit and ran back to get some damp paper towels.  This organized and well stocked first aid kit made it easy for someone to find the necessary band aids and items without me being there.  Our neighbor commented several times on how well stocked and organized this kit is.  It is really designed to take the guess work out of finding necessities in an emergency.  GREAT KIT!

Beginning campers usually ask what are must haves to pack when packing.  Responses usually vary from cookware and utensils to toys and games.  All of these things mentioned are necessary for camping trips with families.  One key thing that many families may forget is a first aid kit.

Every camper should have a first aid kit.  More importantly, campers should have a kit that can travel with them easily for outdoor activities.  Most campers are out hiking, biking and doing a variety of activities away from their campsite.  These activities may or may not be near a place where first aid items would be available.  I'm not being pessimistic here but rather proactive.  Having these items in a neatly organized tub or bin isn't handy when away from your campsite.

Our son recently fell at school during a routine activity.  It made me realize how easy to it is to be in need of band-aids and antiseptic.  A few miles from our campsite, this would have been a hard trip back.  Not because of something life threatening, but because it is soothing to have cuts or wounds taken care of properly.  It makes us feel safe.

In our camper, we have a Small First Aid Kit Best for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. Waterproof Laminate Bags Protect Your Items! Perfect for all Outdoor Adventures or be Prepared at Home & Work.  This kit from Surviveware is compact and well made.

The kit is small with a zipper pound on the outside of the kit with baggies for personal medications that you might need to travel with.
First, size makes a difference with every single item we pack.  We are limited on space.  But, this should not mean sacrificing quality of the tools we carry.  This first aid kit has everything from an ace bandage and band-aids to scissors and antiseptics.  It has the basic needs for travelers.

Some of the key items that I really like about this kit are:

  • A whistle in case you are solo and need to call for help.  This is great if you don't have cell service but want to notify someone that you need help.
  • An assortment of bandages for wounds as well as an ace bandage.  
  • Labels clearly state the use for each item such as pressure bandages, minor wounds, etc.  
  • CPR Kit and Resuscitation Kit - You never know when you might need this.  I hope you won't!

The kit itself can attach to a bike or backpack for easy travel.  It is water resistant.  And, it is a light enough that the weight isn't cumbersome.

One of my favorite features of this first aid kid is how the items are all organized and labeled.  When needed, you can easily find what you are looking for.  It is so well thought out that under stress everything is easily accessed.

The inside of the kit is roomy with everything you need clearly labeled.

Labels even state the use for each item to help the user clearly identify needs if necessary.

Easy you and well thought out items for any type of emergency until help arrives.
The Surviveware First Aid Kit that we have is also priced right.  At just under $35, you have everything that you need for an emergency. Purchasing the items separately for this kit would cost well over the purchase price.  And you would have to label organize and figure out how to carry and make compact.  This kit just makes sense to me.

Time is worth money.  I would rather not spend the time figuring out what I need for my first aid kit and putting it together.  I would rather purchase a kit, pack it in our camper and enjoy our trips. Purchasing a put together kit is just worth the money.

If you aren't a camper, this kit is still great!  It would easily fit into a glove box of a car.  This kit is great for keeping in your tote bag for trips to the park with kids or on bike trips with the family.  Clip it or stow it wherever you go, and you are always prepared.

This kit would also make a great gift for a new camper or camping enthusiast that needs to update their equipment.  Everyone needs a first aid kit.

Do you have a first aid kit in your camper, car or family tote bag?  If not, what do you carry in case of an emergency?  Don't find yourself stranded without the right gear.  First aid kits should be first on your list of gear and essentials.  Before the summer camping and vacation season starts, be sure to get one for your family.  No matter what the activity is you can use one.  And, if you have a kit, you could help someone who just might need you.

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