Easy Storage Options for Your Pop Up Camper - Ziploc Space Bags

We have a small pop up camper.  All pop ups are relatively small in comparison to larger travel trailers.  Our pop up has some but limited storage due to the size.  However, we have made that work for us.

When we pack up, everything goes into storage bins and containers that fit underneath the bedding that slides in over the middle of our camper.  Its like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together.  We make room for the waste water container that we use outdoors, our potty, a rug and several bins with bedding and other items.

Even with packing well done, we have had to get creative with making everything fit.  One of the first things that I bought was a pop up laundry bin.  It collapses into a small disk that is flat.  But, it expands into a nice tall bin when camping.  All of the dirty linens and towels and clothes and easily fit into this bin to ride home and wash.The Original Bongo Bag Pop-Up Hamper - Walmart.com

Expanded, it is a full size hamper.

Collapsed, the bin folds flat.

Putting this back into the camper once we return home is the issue.  Most of the space is used already. I purchased some Space Bag BRS-6239 Vacuum Seal Clear Storage Bags, Set of 3 (Medium, Large, Extra Large).  These bags are easy and convenient to use.

The Ziploc Space bags come in a variety of sizes.  This makes them really easy to use!

Once the laundry is done, I place everything into a bag.  I place in a dryer sheet to keep everything smelling fresh.  Then, I use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air and seal shut.

The vacuum disk that is located on the outside of the bag can be opened.  The nozzle end of a vacuum easily fits over and removes all of the air.  Once compressed, everything is compact.

Place the vacuum nozzle over the place here to remove air.

When we camp again, the bag can be opened and linens removed for use.  Because these bags can be used over and over, this is an easy storage tool.

The bags slide right in on top of our other tubs once my laundry is complete.  
These bags are great for lots of things beyond camping.  Try them for storing winter coats, quilts or other bulky items that you need to store with limited space.  One other advantage to these bags is how well they are sealed.  Storage bins sometimes do not have the best seal and can allow moisture, odors or little critters in them.  So it is something to consider.

How do you store your linens and towels for your camper?  What are some of your creative storage solutions?  I'd love to hear how you store your necessary items for camping that make life easier.