5 More Reasons to Love Summer

Summers are busy, but I can always find some time to build in little pockets of fun.  This summer there are been several favorites on my list of things that we have enjoyed little trips, long walks, lots of time at the pool and just evenings on our deck.  Here are five ideas to make your summer even better!

1.  Tart Cherry Jargaritas

I found this recipe on Pinterest about 3 years ago.  Since this time, it is a favorite at our tailgates.  Go Dawgs!  It is also an easy way to have cocktails in the freezer ready to go for an impromptu cocktail party or even a trip to the lake.  Just trust me on this and make a batch in keep in your freezer.  I make these in little half pint jars.  A batch makes 11 to 12 little jars.  Make a double batch!  Even better.

Cherry Jargaritas are party perfect!

2.  Homemade Pimento and Cheese

Pimento and cheese is a southern staple.  It takes little effort to make and is loved by everyone.  This recipe from the Delta Bistro in Greenwood, MS is my new favorite.  Pack in a plastic container or mason jars.  Take along for picnics, snacks, and appetizers. You can pair this spread with crackers, sandwich bread or veggies.  There is no wrong way to serve this unless you don't serve it at all.  If you are in the Delta, stop in at the Delta Bistro for a meal or a snack.  It never disappoints!  It is my favorite stop along the way.  Mary Ann's Pimento and Cheese

Pimento and Cheese can be served on Wasa Crackers for an easy lunch.

3.  Vanilla Sugar

I like my coffee with milk and a touch of sugar.  Vanilla sugar packs a lot of flavors.  Keep a container in your camper for coffee, hot tea or sprinkled over fruit.  You could use it with sliced apples for a warmed breakfast treat or even over grilled peaches at the end of the meal.  This is such a versatile ingredient that coaxes so much flavor from the vanilla that you won't need so much sugar.  Find out how I made my vanilla sugar along with little-recycled canisters on Recycled Canisters for Your Camper.

Make your own vanilla sugar for a little-added flavor and sweetness.

4.  Floating Raft

No summer is complete without a little or a lot of time on the water.  On a recent trip, a friend brought a large water raft.  It was tied to the dock on the lake.  Multiple people can hang out there.  It's a good holding spot for kids or for several adults to lay out and relax.  I really loved this and think it is a very fun and functional item for people that enjoy time on the water in the summer.

WOW World of Watersports, 14-2080, Water Walkway Floating Inflatable Mat, 6 x 6 Feet, 1 to 3 Person
This float does have the wow factor!

5.  Homemade Bug Spray

Mosquitos eat our son alive in the summer.  I have started making this homemade bug spray.  It is a natural mixture of distilled water, witch hazel, and essential oils.  The witch hazel cools the skin.  It smells nice and works well too.  I feel better spraying off with something natural too.

Homemade bug spray can be made with a few ingredients.  We keep a bottle in our car and at home.

What are your must have's for summer?  Everyone has a list.  These are just a few.  Make this summer the best summer and try out something new.  Maybe you will find a personal or family favorite along the way!

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