End of the Season Maintenance - 5 Tips for Protecting Your Investment

A little work on your camper at the end of each season is a great way to lighen your upkeep time!

It is the beginning of fall.  You have camped all spring and summer.  After all of those miles and trips, it is time for some end of the season maintenance.  Regular TLC can extend the life of your recreational vehicle.

1.  Tires

Check your tires.  It may be time to replace them after taking lots of road trips.  Look at the expiration date located on the side of the travel trailer tire wall.  Also, check your treads and pressure levels.  You may have a few more trips left to take before winter begins.  These details can be helpful for fall camping too.

If you need help determining the age of the tire.  Use the Recstuff.com website to plug in the DOT number displayed on the side of the tire.  To keep your tires protected from the elements and lasting longer, consider adding a set of tire covers to your gear. 

It is also wise to consider a TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge.  You can check your tire pressure before you hit the road each time.  We took a trip earlier this year and noticed that our tires looked low when we arrived.  The tire pressure was less than half of the recommended amount!  We also picked up a portable air pump for our tires to keep on hand. AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump

Some of the most practical camping gear will keep you on the road.  Be sure to include a check of your spare tire too!

2.  Sealant

Do a check all around of your sealant.  If you have an older camper like we do, you may need to add some sealant to keep everything waterproof.  We use Dicor 501LSW-1 Lap Sealant - 10.3 oz..  It is a self-leveling sealant that is easy to apply and works well.

Add sealant as needed to your camper to exsure a waterproof seal.

3.  Air Conditioner Filter

After the summer months, check your AC filter and wash it thoroughly for dust and dirt.  This is an easy step that can be done with little elbow grease.  Make sure you let your filter dry thoroughly before you place back into your unit.

4.  Good Washing

Give your camper some love with a bath.  La's Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner is an all purpose cleaner that we use both inside and out.  Before you pack up for the season, clean up now will make prep for your next trip a little easier.

5.  Keep Out Critters

Whenever you start packing up for the season, be sure to add a little protection against creatures like mice!  We use Earthkind Botanical Rodent Repellent.  They smell nice and work great!  I toss several throughout our pop up for protection during the winter.

Maintaining an RV can be a lot of work, but seasonal maintenance can make work less daunting.  Protect your investment for many years of outdoor fun.  You may also want to schedule a trip to your local certified RV dealership for an end of the season and beginning of the season check-up.  Some work should be left to the professionals.  And, your time is money.   The professionals can make recommendations for work that you may overlook or be unaware of.  We have had good luck working with our local dealership to make decisions on Peggy Sue.

Don't forget a cover if you don't have a garage to store your camper.
Whether you do the work yourself or pay someone to do it for you, make sure it gets done.  Especially if you are on the road regularly.  Nothing is worse than getting to your campsite and finding that your equipment is not working properly.  How you do maintain your camper?  Feel free to share your ideas!  I'd love to hear from you!

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