Happy Fall Y'all - Burlap Decor to Spice Up Your Glamper

This fall bunting was made for my son's birthday party with a pumpkin theme.

I recently learned a new decorating technique that may have changed my life!  Did you know that you can use your home printer to print onto a piece of burlap for decorating?  Me either until a few weeks ago.  It is amazing.  And, this technique can be used to create so many fun decorations.  If you are looking for something to glamp up your campsite this fall, make a simple burlap banner!

First, start with plain freezer paper.  You should be able to find this at most grocery stores or at Walmart.

Freezer paper can be found in the same aisle as aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Cut your freezer paper to the size of a regular size of typing paper or the size of paper that will fit your printer.  I used a piece of typing paper as my template and cut it to fit that size.

Trim your paper to the size of paper that will fit into your printer.

Once your pieces of freezer paper are cut, place the shiny side down onto the burlap and iron until it sticks.  I use the cotton setting without steam for this.  You can adjust the head as needed.  Apply pressure as your iron to ensure that the paper and burlap adhere.

Remember to turn your steam setting off when ironing your freezer paper to your burlap.

Cut your burlap pieces to the size of the freezer paper that you have just ironed to it.

Cut as many pieces of burlap as the design that you have created.

You will want to create a banner or the image that you want to print using your favorite program.  I used Adobe Illustrator for this process.  You could probably use something like Google Drawings or MS Word if you are creating your own.  If you would like to create a Happy Fall Y'all banner, you can download the files below to create this banner.

Place your burlap on the side that will run through your printer.  For my printer, this is burlap side up.  Only do one piece at a time if you are printing multiple pieces.

Run your burlap through your printer once piece at a time.  

After printing, cut your bunting out with the paper still connected.  It is much easier to trim that way.  You can peel the freezer paper off after you have cut out your pieces.

Cut out your pieces with the paper still attached.

I used garden/craft twine to string my pieces together.  I simply fed the twine through the burlap using a pair of scissors to make a small opening to push it through.  To give it a bit of color, you can cut strips of fabric or ribbon to tie onto the twine between the triangle pieces.  Feel free to mix and match colors. 

If you are cutting scraps of fabric, cut them about 2 inches wide and about 10 to 12 inches long so that you can easily tie them onto the burlap.  I usually do about 3 tied pieces between each piece of bunting creating a pattern as I go.  

To make work easy when cutting your fabric scraps, a Fiskars 28mm Stick Rotary Cutter and a 
self-healing mat are handy tools to have on hand.  

If you are crafty, you need a rotary cutter and self healing mat.  These are two of my favorite craft tools!

Bunting and banners are such fun ways to decorate.  They are simple to whip up in an afternoon and store flat.  I also like how scraps and pieces of things lying around can be incorporated into the design.  This banner was actually made for my son's birthday that has a pumpkin theme.  I used fabric scraps I had and a piece of 1 yard of burlap that I purchased for about $3.  I already had the twine.

Don't stop here with printing burlap.  You can use burlap to print out framed signs for birthday parties, dinner party menus, decorations for your home such as pillows and framed art.  The possibilities are endless!  I recently made a housewarming gift for a coworker that I really love!  I used a thrift store found frame that I redid along with the burlap signage.

A housewarming gift with a printed name of the couple and their new home address!
Also, you can use a banner like this to decorate for fall parties at school, a fall festival, Sunday School parties, and so much more.  Enjoy the festive season that we are in and make something fun to celebrate it.

If you are looking for more bunting ideas, I made some fabric bunting earlier this year.  You can read all about it from a previous post - Every Glamper Needs Bunting!

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  1. Awesome way of screen printing at home. I like it and will also try to print on cloth too. Get the best San Antonio signs printing at Digitalbannersplus.

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked the idea. It was a Pinterest inspiration. I've done quite a few things this way.


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