Flannel Lap Throws for Fall and Winter Camping

Flannel throws for fall camping.
 Have you ever been sitting around the campfire and needed a little something extra to make you a little cozier?   Even with a jacket and gloves, I like something to cover my legs and to wrap my hands under.  This fall I decided to make some flannel lap throws.

1-yard fabric pieces are ideal for this project.  You can sew two one-yard pieces together for double thickness.  Or you can do a single one-yard piece.  I like to mix and match flannels, so I chose the double sided option.  If you do single sided throws, make sure that your fabric has the same pattern on both the back and front.  

Henry Glass has a Woodland Retreat line of flannels with a mixture of plaid, trees, moose, and campers.  With rich hues of red, greens, browns and ivory, the colors coordinate fully.  This flannel washes up beautifully and is the right thickness for this project.  The fabric is soft and has an almost velvet like feel.  Two pieces sewn together creates a thickness that is just right.

Before starting, wash your flannel and dry it.  This will prevent puckering and shrinkage after you have completed your project.  For this project you will need:
  1. 1-yard cuts of flannel
  2. 4 yards of pom pom fringe trim - mini or regular size (optional) -  4 yards will trim one throw
  3. Coordinating thread
I made three throws for our family so that we would each have one around the fire.  The following combinations were ones that I really liked:

Throw One

Henry Glass Woodland Retreat Animal Silhouette Brown and Snowflake Cream

Throw Two

Henry Glass Woodland Retreat in Pine Cones Brown and Branches Green

Throw Three

Henry Glass Woodland Retreat in Red Plaid and Campers and Cars

Start by placing right sides together of your 1-yard pieces of flannel.  If you are planning to trim the edges, it is a good idea to round the corners.  I used a large can to help me create the curve. I zipped right around the curved edges when sewing because I never had to stop to pivot.  After this project, I want to round the edges of everything I make!

Place your can in the corner of the fabric and mark the rounded edge you are going to make.

After you mark your edge, trim with a pair of scissors.

Carefully trim your edge by rounding so that it works right back into your straight lines on either side of the rounded corner.

Zig-zag around the edges of the fabric leaving about 6 inches open on one side so you can turn the throw right side out.  Use a needle specifically for a medium weight woven fabric.  The wrong sized needle will affect your stitching.

Next, stitch using a straight stitch around the edges just as you did the zig-zag stitch.

The zig-zag stitch around the edges helps to make your throw extra durable and sturdy.  It will also keep the edges from raveling. 

Turn the throw right side out.  

At this point, you can complete a decorative top stitch around the throw for a simple look.  Extend the length of your stitch before topstitching to give a professional look and to keep from puckering.  Top stitch about 1/4 inch from the edge. You could even opt for a second row 1/2 inch from the edge.  Sew slowly to keep your stitches even and straight.  

Or, you could choose to embellish with some fringe.  Both mini pom pom and regular pom pom fringe work well.  Both red and ivory fringe completed the look of these throws.  You could even use a rick rack trim.  

For the third throw with the red plaid and campers and cars pattern, I used Yalulu 10 Yards Mini Pom Pom Trim Ball Fringe.  The same mini fringe comes in beige mini pom pom fringe.  You could also try a larger fringe, Yalulu 10Yards Pom Pom Trim Ball Fringe.

Pin the trim all the way around the edges of the throw and sew down.  The curved edge makes it much easier to work the fringe around the edges.

This beginner level project yields satisfying results.  Stack into a vintage basket or bin and enjoy around your next campfire.  The double thickness of the flannel makes the ideal weight and warmth.

And if you aren't a camper, these would make excellent gifts for almost anyone.  Christmas will be here before you know it.  Speaking of Christmas, these fabrics would make nifty Christmas stockings, flannel appliques for tee shirts or coffee mug cozies.  I cannot tell you how much I love this fabric.  It is so vibrant and soft.  You need this flannel in your life.  You could even make a luxurious pair of flannel pajama pants out of this fabric.

I'll be sharing several projects over the next few months that will add some pizzazz to your campsite.  Stay tuned for what I'm stitching up next.  I'll also add some pictures of our throws at our campsite during our Thanksgiving weekend camping trip.  If you are looking for more cold weather camping tips, check out these Winter Camping Tips from Off the Grid Guru.

I like camping, and I like to enjoy pretty things at the campsite.  Even though these throws are pretty, they are practical too!  I think glampers and campers alike could agree that a flannel lap throw is an excellent way to enjoy the fall crisp air this time of year!

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