Wedding Gifts and Registry Ideas for Couples Who Love the Outdoors

Today as couples get ready to go down the aisle, china, silverware, and crystal are not always the coveted gifts of yesteryear.  I see the trend of millennials that are unplugging and taking a different route from their traditional parents.  Spending time exploring the great outdoors is a way to reconnect and strengthen relationships.  Why not look for gifts that will create lasting memories in nature's beauty.

Today, I'm sharing 7 untraditional wedding gift and registry ideas.  This list of gear is designed to give a couple the basic things to combine with what they may already have to begin simple camping together.  With a few items, any couple can enjoy a quick overnight getaway to a long weekend.

1.  Tent

For couples looking to upgrade their current camping gear or just to get started, begin with a simple tent set up.  I really love camping.  Even though we have a pop-up camper, a tent can be the avenue to get you going.  Make it a set up that is uncomplicated and meets the need to rest out of the elements.  An instant tent is one of the best ways to go,  Couples can pack up in their car and hit the road to just about any place for an inexpensive getaway to nature!  State Parks provide campsites at reasonable prices for any young couple that is just starting out!


The Blop 3 Person Tent is an easy set up that is compact and offers a nice tarp for protection.  Coleman is a camping legend.  A 4 person instant tent would provide a little more room for gear and an air mattress.  When purchasing a tent, consider if you need a place for gear near where you sleep and want to be able to stand up to dress and get ready.  If you plan to store things in your car and utilize the bathhouse for everything else, a smaller tent would do.  

2.  Air Mattress

We purchased 2 air mattresses for a camping trip a couple of years ago.  We opted for an
Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump.  This mattress is tall.  It is easy to get on and off.  And it is actually comfortable.  For newlyweds, this mattress could serve as a spare bed for guests if needed.

The Intex Air Mattress is well made and inflates and deflates with ease!

However, Intex does make a line of air mattresses just for outdoors called their Prestige series.  This is an air mattress that will not stand as tall.  It would work well for a smaller tent like the Blop tent that is not as tall. The Intex Prestige Downy Airbed Kit with Hand Held Battery Pump, Queen would work well for the couple that just wants this gear for camping and would not use this for a dual purpose.

3.  Camping Stove

For any couple camping, having a small stove is a must.  A two burner stove will work well for making coffee, pancakes or any meal for that matter.  There are lots of brands and sizes.  I recommend a 2 burner stove.  This also needs to have enough BTU power that it will heat and work efficiently.  Lower BTU stoves take forever to heat water for coffee or anything else.

The classic Coleman Camping Stove with two burners can be purchased with two options.  The Powerhouse Model allows you to refill with Coleman fuel without using disposable propane bottles.  Or, you can purchase a classic stove that runs off of the little Coleman bottles that you can find at just about any store that sells camping supplies.


4.  Coffee Pot

There is nothing like a pot of campfire coffee.  I love our percolated coffee at the campsite.  It is something like a rare treat.  Campers need a sturdy coffee pot.  Having a versatile coffee pot that will work both on a stove or over an open fire gives campers options on use.  I recommend something lightweight and not overly large.  A 9 cup pot should be plenty for a couple.  

5.  Luci Light

Last year, we purchased an MPOWERD Luci Lux - Inflatable Solar Light.  This light has a rechargeable solar panel on the top.  Inflate the light and place in a sunny spot to charge during the day.  At night, there are three different brightness settings.

We typically use our light on our picnic table for evening meals and just a little extra light at our site.  You can also hang the light inside of your tent at night.  When you are done, you can deflate and store easily in anything from a backpack to a tub of camping gear.

Recently MPowered released a rechargeable light that also has a charging port for mobile devices.  This only makes me love this product more because of the increased functionality!  These lights would also be excellent to use at home on decks and patios for additional light.    I do recommend the frosted Luci Light because it is a pleasant warm glow and still gives plenty of light!

6.  Eno Hammock

The first piece of gear that I purchased for us to take on our first camping trip was an ENO Hammock.  I was at Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS and ENO had a booth at this show.  I was immediately drawn to the idea of a comfy place to relax while camping.  The hammocks are compact when stored.  And, they come with the truck straps to hang at your campsite.  

Even if you know someone who loves the outdoors and enjoys day hikes and picnics, a hammock would make an excellent gift.  You can take this piece of gear with you anywhere.  And, what is more, romantic than cuddling up in a double hammock?  Any couple could use a double hammock.

7.  Surviveware First Aid Kit

Finally, but not least, everyone can use a good first aid kit.  Campers, hikers, bikers and anyone outside need an easy to travel kit on hand.  Surviveware puts together a compact kit that is well organized and label.

You may be thinking that you can make your own kit.  Time is money!  And, at less than $35, all of the work is done for you.  Because of the way that this is labeled and organized, it is easy to find what you need under pressure.  

If you are looking for more gift ideas for adventure lovers, be sure to check out my Camping Gear Page and my Camp Kitchen Page.  Both pages have everything from camping chairs to a dishwashing station.  

If you are registering for your wedding or are searching for that unique gift, add something different to your list.  Nature gives us the ability to explore our world in its purest form.  There are no societal influences.  It is like being transported to a place where time stands still.  Being completely surrounded by nature out on a hike in the woods allows the mind to decompress from the daily activities and duties.  It is almost impossible to know what year or even century it is unless you are around others and are reminded of their clothes.  For these reasons, spending time in nature is beneficial for both individuals and couples.  

Starting out your marriage with a plan to spend time outdoors can only strengthen your relationship.  It is like starting your marriage with the ultimate plan to succeed.  Plan to reconnect as a couple long after the honeymoon is over by adding the gear to your home that will get you outdoors and together where you are reminded of harmony one species and breath at a time.  

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