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Camping Kitchen

I enjoy cooking at our campsite.  I've compiled a list of the camping gear to get you started at the campsite.  The basics are listed along with optional items.  You can download this list and use it to help you as you get ready for the camping season.  Camp Kitchen Checklist

You can find more ideas for camping lists, meals, and menus on my Lists and Menus Page.  I have also shared more about how I set up my camping kitchen in a previous post.

Below are links to items that we use often at our campsite.  Setting up your camp kitchen doesn't have to be expensive.  Lots of these items can most likely be found around your home or at thrift stores.

Clean drinking water is a must at the campground.  Bottled water can become very expensive over time.  Consider water filtration tools that will save you money and keep your drinking water safe!  We have a new Zero Water Pitcher that I'll be reviewing fully as the camping season gets started.

Set up a dishwashing station with these easy items.  I like collapsible items for easy storage.  The electric kettle gives us hot water for dishes since we don't have hot water in our pop up camper.


We have an RTIC soft pack cooler that works well for taking food to the campsite and storing until the refrigerator cools off.  I reviewed the RTIC cooler that we have in 2017.  

Since we don't have an oven, I use a Dutch Oven for many meals.  If you are going to use a Dutch Oven for cooking, you will need a lid lifter, charcoal starter and pit paws.  Check out my post on Dutch Oven Cooking to learn more about how I use this method.


A basic electric skill can come in handy while camping if the weather is cold or rainy and you want to cook an easy meal indoors.  

I have a small, basic skillet that I use for camping.  It works well for pancakes or grilled cheese.  I chose a small one due to space.  But, you may find that a larger skillet is what your family needs.  I also chose this instead of cast iron because I use this on my camp stove.  I also use a small saucepan due to space.  We only use this for heating soup and other small items.  


We have also updated our refrigerator in our camper with a Koolatron refrigerator.  We do not plan to use our fridge on propane going down the road.  This fridge is built to take the travel of a more durable unit than something used in a dormitory.  It fits perfectly in our space.  Read my full review of this unit on my blog.  

Check back to find out what updates we have made to our camping kitchen over time.  I'm sure that we will continue to make changes as we learn more and camp as a family.  

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