New Decals for Peggy Sue - The Big Reveal

The new decals on Peggy Sue look really professional!

As much as I loved the retro look of Peggy Sue, her exterior really needed some TLC.  For over a year, I have carefully photographed her without the view of the ugly Eternabond down one side seam.  Her paint and decals were sad and lackluster.  The interior of our camper and exterior told two different stories.  Finally, both look pretty great!

This was the ugly truth about Peggy Sue, that I had been carefully working not to get into any of my photos!

When I decided to give her a new paint job, I knew the decals would have to go.  I spent quite a bit of time researching decals and what I would like to do.  After months of research, I settled on some basic Jayco decals from a seller on e-Bay.

The e-Bay seller that I used is wwhitney9 or you can find him on Facebook at Whitney Creative.  The decals I ordered arrived exactly as they were described by the seller with very detailed instructions on how to install them.  I love the quality and of the work and how easy this was to do!

To install new decals on your camper, you will need:
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean cotton pads or lint-free rags
  • Ruler or tape measures
  • pencil
  • felt squeegee or something similar to apply pressure to the decals
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • heat gun or blow dryer (optional)
Start by cleaning the surface of your camper where you decals are going with rubbing alcohol.  You MUST have a clean space for your decals to adhere to.  Let this dry thoroughly before moving forward.

Decide the location for your decal.  Measure and mark with a pencil.  Then, mark your top line for where you want your decal to begin with a piece of masking tape.  

This is the marked top line for me to place my decal.

Next, I measured a center line in the middle across the widest part of my decal.  I used this mark to draw a straight vertical line.  I placed a piece of masking down this center line to give me a graphing paper effect to place my decal straight.  Remove the backing paper to your decal.  

After you have applied a center, vertical line, you can place the decal on the camper to line up for final placement.

Now, tape your decal in place on your camper using the masking tape on the camper to line up the top and the center vertical line.  Begin rubbing a felt squeegee or similar tool.  I actually used a tool that I call my "Fred Flintstone".  Its a little handheld rolling pin from Pampered Chef that I used to press the decal into the camper wall.  You will need to press firm pressure to the decal going over several times.  Really get in there to do this and make sure that everything stays in place.  Apply lots of firm pressure for this.

I used a handheld rolling pin to firmly adhere my decals to the camper call.

Once you have gotten your decal to apply, begin peeling the top paper away from the decal.  Mine peeled away easily.  You can use the sharp tip of a pair of scissors to help you separate the paper and decal if you need to.

Now you can start to peel away the top paper from the decal.

I went back over my decals with a little heat from my heat gun and pressed over everything again to be sure everything was completely stuck!  They look amazing.  

The before and after photos really tell it all!  Look how great she looks!

I went simple on this project, and love the results.  I didn't want to fool with pinstripes and lots of coverage.  My goal was simply to add back the brand label of our camper.  I might decide to add a saying or something fun to my door, but I'm happy for now!

If you have a friend with a special cutting machine, you can have something customized for your camper.  However, I do recommend the seller from eBay as he specializes in these specific types of decals and logos.  The quality of the work and attention to detail says it all!

Until next time...

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