Healthy Camping Meals with Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a little box of healthy, happiness delivered right to your door.
Planning, shopping for and packing meals is a huge part of camping prep.  This past week, I was able to breath easy knowing I had a Sun Basket box being delivered the day before our departure!.  Coming home from work to a box that was ready to open and pack into our cooler was amazing.  You may think that meal delivery kits are just for home use, but I think this service is perfect for anyone that enjoys fresh cooked meals.  We took our Sun Basket meals to the campground, and I think you should too!

Sun Basket provides healthy meals using organic produce, responsible meats and sustainable seafood.  In addition to the high quality ingredients, packaging is recyclable or compostable.  The packaging even tells the user how to depose of these items!

Packaging clearly tells how to recycle items.

Even the cold packs could be recycled.
At the campground, having pre-measured ingredients saves time and space.  You only have the amount of food you need for each meal.  In a small space, everything matters.  This means less waste.  I don't have room for large meals with left overs.

Each meal came packed in its own brown bag that was clearly labeled.
Our meal kit came with with:
  • Smoky Chicken Tacos
  • Mediterranean Flatbread
  • Hungarian Pork Meatballs and Cauliflower Rice
There is a meal plan for every palate and diet.  Plans include Chef's Choice, Paleo, Lean and Clean, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescartarian, and Mediterranean.  These choices allow the user to try new recipes or sticking to a specific dietary plan.

Our first night at the campground, we enjoyed Mediterranean Flatbread.  I prepared this meal in about 15 minutes.  I unpacked all of my ingredients happy to find that I could chop up a few beets, do a little mixing and put it all together with little effort.

Toasted flat breads were topped with a Lima bean spread.  Next, I added a chopped beet, walnut and dill mixture with a tahini sauce.  I finished the flatbread with shredded carrots seasoned with lemon and fresh parsley.  Everything was super fresh and flavorful.  This meal was a reminder of how important a herbs and citrus juice can really enhance the flavors in a recipe.

My husband thought that the beets were nice and "meaty" and enjoyed the texture of the walnuts.  I thought that the shredded carrots were a nice touch.  This meal was my favorite because I love both beets and carrots.

The ingredients for the Mediterranean Flatbreads were simple and portioned perfectly.

Mediterranean Flatbread - beets and walnuts seasoned with dill and tahini sauce served over toasted flat bread with Lima bean spread and topped with lemon and parsley carrots.  So fresh and yummy!

Sun Basket Mediterranean Flat Bread

Night two, we enjoyed the smoky chicken tacos.  Meal prep involved browning pre-cut chicken breast and seasoning with a smoky seasoning blend.  The tacos were finished with an onion and black bean mixture and topped with radishes, chipolte salsa and cilantro.  We all thought that the chicken was flavorful, and dinner was ready in less than 30 minutes.

The meat is separate from the rest of the ingredients in the meal.

It only took a few ingredients to make an excellent and fresh taco.
Our third meal was prepared at home.  Since we only took a two night camping trip, our third meal was used for dinner when we returned home.  The Hungarian Pork Meatballs and Cauliflower Rice was unique and satisfying.  Every ingredient for this one pan meal was included in our pack including an egg.  This meal could have been prepared just as easily at the campground.

The Hungarian Pork Meatballs and Cauliflower Rice was prepared in one pan.

Even an egg was included in my pack.
How else does this meal service kit make sense at the campground?
  1. I needed very little equipment and space to prepare these meals.  Meals were completed with a knife, small cutting board, basic skillet and bowls.  
  2. I prepared the meals in my outdoor cooking area using a small prep area and two burner stove.
  3. Everything packed neatly into our cooler to transport to the campground.
  4. We were able to recycle the containers from the ingredients.  I have a special can just for recycling at the campground!  Less waste feels great.
  5. I saved money.  Buying lots of ingredients for specific meals like herbs, sauces or seasonings can add up.  If these items aren't used entirely, these specialty items can go to waste.  With my Sun Basket everything was used at each meal without wasting food or money
  6. Three meals is the perfect amount for most camping trips we take.  We took a two night trip and ate a Sun Basket meal each night.  The third meal was used for a quick meal the night we returned home.  Again, again saving money by not dining out!
  7. The healthy meals tasted delicious and were not heavy.  These meals are perfect for an active lifestyle where many campers enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and more.  
I know that it may feel like you are saving money if you do all of the legwork and planning yourself.  Maybe so.  But, my motto is "Time is money."  I am a busy mother that travels for work.  I like to cook healthy meals.  Planning meals to take to the campground on top of my regular duties is often an exhausting amount of work.  This was my easiest trip that we have ever taken because of taking a meal kit service.

For shoppers that clip coupons and are bargain shopping, this service may not be for you.  But what can you buy with the time you save?  Could you take an extra walk?  Maybe you could just relax for a few minutes that you wouldn't have had.  Or, this time could include spending time with your family.  On this camping trip, I enjoyed much more time relaxing and exploring because our meals were easy.  

This past year has been a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Part of that journey is finding the time to eat right and exercise regularly.  If I budget my time as wisely as I budget my money, I am a healthier and happier person.  Sun Basket brings healthy meals to your door that will save you time for the things you want to do more in life!  And, for me, that is worth the money!  

So why not invest in yourself and order a Sun Basket Meal Kit for your next camping adventure?  It is an excellent way to end the day around the table with those you love!  To get $35 off your first Sun Basket click here.  And if you are not totally sold on the idea, order a box to try at home before you go!  I'm sure Sun Basket will be going with us on another camping adventure.

Hungarian Pork Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice - These seasoned meatballs were served over a cauliflower rice seasoned with shallots, figs and watercress.  The textures and flavors really made this a satisfying comfort meal.
If you have tried Sun Basket or other meal delivery kit, I'd love to hear from you.  Tell me about your expediences with a meal delivery service.  Until next time....

Thank you to Sun Basket for collaborating on this project and providing this meal kit for review.  All opinions provided in this post are entirely my own.

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