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"Labor Day is a great American holiday where people celebrate by going out and buying products made in China."  - David Letterman
I love the adventurous spirit of camping.   While not entirely American, camping is an American tradition for many.  Pioneers set out across the American West in search of new places and opportunities.  Camping is a modern day version of pioneering as we venture out beyond the borders of our homes and towns.  As I travel to many of our nations beautiful locations, it only seems fitting to celebrate who we are and the people that are the backbone of this county.  Supporting American workers is important.  It keeps food on the tables of many families working hard each day, and it is for this reason that I do seek out American made products for both home and camping.

Sure, I have found that it costs more to purchase some items made in our own country.  I also believe that it is worth the investment into our working force and businesses to make these decisions.  It takes a little more work to seek out these products, but you can find many American made products.  Today, I'm sharing five of our favorites that we enjoy at the campground.

The ORCA cooler is made in America and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

ORCA stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America.  This company is based out of Tennessee and offers a variety of coolers and insulated cups.  Coolers come with a lifetime warranty.  

We recently purchased an ORCA 58 Quart Cooler in Seafoam.  It is comparable in price to other premium brant roto-molded coolers.  But, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in our country.  It was for these two reasons, that I purchased an ORCA.  Knowing that their products are made in this country, I plan to buy other products from them as I need them.  

Their Chaser Cups come in a variety of colors and prints.  For sports enthusiasts, there are lots of different professional and college teams to choose from.  They also offer seasonal prints.  Or customize a basic color with your own sticker or vinyl decal!  These cups make great gifts and there truly is something for everyone.

We love our Liberty Tabletop Flatware.  It has lasted well and looks beautiful!

Liberty Tabletop Flatware

We have decreased the number of disposable goods that we have in our camper by using flatware for meals along with plastic plates and even cloth napkins.  I really don't like having to keep up with the "do we have enough paper plates and plastic utensils" question.  Reusable products mean I always have what we need for meals!  I have the Annapolis 20 Piece Set that works just right for our family.

Liberty Tabletop Flatware is made in Sherrill, New York.  They take pride in their workers and the metals that go into their products.  Their flatware isn't just great for camping.  It would great for your home as well.  This is a product that will last you a long time, and they have a variety of patterns to choose from.  

Smart Wool socks are an excellent choice.  You can select socks for hiking, running or any activity!

Smart Wool Socks

One of my favorite socks for running and working out is Smart Wool.  This Colorado-based company makes merino wool socks for a variety of activities.  Their socks wick moisture to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  They last for an incredibly long time, and the quality is unsurpassed.  Making an investment in a product that will really last just makes sense economically.  These socks make great stocking stuffers and gifts as well.  My husband has given me several pairs, and I still wear them years later.

This practical piece of gear could be used in so many places.  It works well for hikers, tent campers, pop up campers and more.  I love that it is collapsible and is so sturdy!

I recently tried a new American made product. Wolverine Water Containers come in a variety of sizes.   We purchased the 2.5-gallon container with the spout and thought it worked great.  There is a 5-gallon option, but that will weigh 40 pounds filled up.  So, I opted for something smaller.  

The containers are double lines and very durable.  This is a perfect container for camping, hiking and any activity where you want to take water with you.  Once you are done, you can clean it with warm soapy water and rinse it.  Allow it to dry hanging up, and it stores flat.  It is lightweight and takes up little space.  These are both winners in my book.

We used this container on a camping trip where we had electric at our site but no water or sewer hookups.  Since we are in a pop up without fresh water or grey water tanks, I was able to create a water station on my table that I used for both drinking water and washing dishes.  

You may not think about detergent as an American made product, but you can also support Americans while you do laundry.  I purchased this detergent several months ago to try on my work out clothes.  I LOVE it.  It really combats odors.  It is not harsh on your clothing, and they continue to look great wash after wash.  I use this for washing everything from smelly camping clothes, bathing suits and even stinky wet gear when we get home!  It lasts a really long time, and comes in a variety of different types depending on the job you are doing!

These are only a few products that we use and have first-hand knowledge with.  There are plenty of other camping items that you can find that are made right here in the USA.  You can find tents, sleeping bags and more that come from right here in America.  Look for these items when you shop and support our workforce with your hard earned cash.  

If you have American made camping products that you love, share them with me.  Feel free to comment or drop me an email.  Have a great weekend!

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