Summer Gear Guide 2019

While summer is still technically a few weeks away, this Mississippi heat is telling me that summer is already here.  And regardless of the calendar, we are thinking about summer camping and enjoying longer days.  Now is the time to get your gear in check and ready to hit the road.  As you prepare for those summer road trips,  I've prepared a gear guide just in time for you!

I have compiled 10 items that are perfect for anyone hitting the road.  And some of these are items that can pull double duty both at home and the campground.  You might even find some gift ideas on this list too.  

Camper's are small places.  Keep odors at bay with Cedar Shoe Inserts.  I've been using these for several months, and they really work well.  These are perfect for athletic shoes, hiking boots and more!  Just slide the little pouch into your shoes after you take them off and no more odors.  

Laundry can also be another place where odors tend to hang out.  Rockin' Green Active Wear Detergent can be used to soak clothes to eliminate funky build up.  But, it is also an excellent way to wash out odors from active clothing.  I use it on everything from camping clothes and towels to swimsuits.  It is gentle and effective!  This is an excellent detergent to was athletic and cheer uniforms, but I use this for my workout clothes.  I've found that my work out clothes last longer and don't get that sweaty smell that never seems to come out!

Protect yourself from insects with Sawyers Spray.   Treat your clothes before you hit the campground with this spray.  I just hang everything on hangers and spray them outdoors on my deck.  Hang them up across the shower rod to dry out.  It dries odorless and colorless.  Clothing is protected for up to 6 washes or 6 weeks.  We found that it worked well on our last camping trip! 

Once you have treated your clothes, get packed and ready to hit the road with Packing Cubes.  I have this set from Gonex.  I put everything into the cubes and stash my clothing into storage drawers.  It is a great way to stay organized and pack at the same time!  These also work perfectly for packing into suitcases, summer camp or anywhere clothes are getting packed up.

Be ready for the summer heat with plenty of clean drinking water.  The Clear2o water filter is a solid carbon block filter that hooks up at the hose.  The defining factor of this product is the competitors offer granular carbon filtering technology.  The difference between the two products is day and night with the filtering capabilities!  The solid carbon filter reduces chlorine, sulfur, and more.   You will have better water at the campground all summer long.

Keep your campers entertained with a game of Quiddler.  This fun word game will quickly become a new family favorite.  Our family loves this game!  Each game you are dealt a hand of cards with a letter or pair of letters and points.  The goal is to go out first by playing the word(s) you can spell with your cards.  Challenging letters like "Qu" or "x" yield higher point values.  And players are penalized for not being able to use all of their letter cards.  It is like a card version of Scrabble in some ways.  Plus cards can easily pack into the small space of an RV!

If you are looking for something more active, think bikes.  We owned an InStep Bike Trailer for years before our son outgrew it.  This trailer is sturdy and easy to fold down and store as well as get back out to use again!  Attach it to the back of your bike and explore away.  For bigger children that are riding bikes, go farther with the Trail-Gator.  It will connect your child's bike to yours for a tandem bike experience.

Feed your hungry crowd at the grill with these Copper Grilling Sheets.  Four pliable sheets come in a pack.  They keep food from slipping through the grates of the grill.  They are reusable, and clean up is a snap,   They even come with some little silicone brushes you can use for sauces and marinades as you cook.  I cleaned mine with warm soapy water and hung them up to dry before packing.  These are perfect for veggies, seafood and more!

Add great flavor with a Woodchip Smoker.  This box from Cuisinart is compact but well made.  And if you prefer cast iron, Char-Broil makes a box for you.  Use hickory wood chips or applewood chips. A smoker box will give you that smoky flavor without having an actual smoker.  These grilling items would make an excellent father's day gift as well!  Add a set of grill tools, and your guy will be set for making gourmet meals that everyone can enjoy.

I love the summer.  The long lazy days are the best.  What are your favorite things about this season?  Gear up and get out there and make the most of your time.  

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