Natural Deodorant - My Favorite Brands and How You Too Can Make This Switch

I tried three brands of natural deodorant.  Which one came out the winner?  And did it work for me?

You may be wondering what deodorant has to do with camping.  Nothing besides the fact that body odor can offend others in close quarters.  I have been making conscious efforts to use products that are better for my body and environment.  I think overall health and taking care of Mother Earth go perfectly with camping.  We are well into quarantine life at our house, I decided to jump in and make a switch to natural deodorant while I had the chance.  If you have considered this option but are fearful that natural deodorants won't work, this is an excellent time to change your hygiene habits.  As an added benefit, offensive body odor right now might buy you some much needed alone time from your family while your body adjusts.

Natural Deodorant - My Favorite Brands and How You Too Can Make This Switch

If you have been using traditional deodorants, you may or may not know that they are full of aluminum which is harmful to our bodies.  I'm not a medical professional or a chemist.  I'm not going to make lofty claims about anything here except that deodorants with aluminum serve a purpose to block sweat ducts to reduce wetness and minimize body odor.  I have benefited the effects of aluminum ridden deodorants.  And, that very aluminum has been linked to some serious health problems like Alzheimer's and cancer - both of which have been rampant in my family.  

For a long time, I resisted the switch from my tried and true clinical varieties of aluminum packed products.  I sweat.  I can stink.  I also have a job as a professional where I am working closely with others constantly.  So, body odor is not an option.  When I had the world to come to a halt recently, I took advantage of that time to shed myself of the need for typical deodorants and switch to a more natural path.

Jason's deodorant is the first natural brand that I tried.  While it is not my favorite, it is the most economical.  And I am doing to try it again since my body has adjusted to natural deodorants.

Week 1

This week was the hardest week for me.  I was trying to figure out how much to apply and what brand actually worked.  I had two brands at home and ended up ordering a third.  I'll get to that later.  I quickly learned my body had to go through a detox period to help my body learn how to function without my previous deodorant brands.  Aluminum blocks sweat from forming on the surface of your pores.  So, the minute you remove these ingredients from your routine, your body reacts.  There were some stinky days and lots of applying and reapplying.  But, by the end of week one, my body was starting to adjust.

Week 2

By the second week, my body finally started to accept this change.  I noticed that the natural deodorants seemed to work much better.  Give your body at least a week to go through the worst part of the change.  By the second week, I could actually apply my deodorant after my shower in the morning and again before bed and didn't have body odor.  Big change.  I was starting to feel okay about this decision to change.  However, I was keeping emergency back up deodorant just in case!

Schmidt's deodorant worked fine, but the perfumey smell was too much for me.  I think this brand would be better in a different scent.

Week 3

As I started my third week, my body had adjusted nicely.  I started out using Jasons and Schmitt's natural deodorants.  I liked Jason's the least because it seemed to be the least effective.  The Schmitt's came in a recent beauty box and worked much better but had a perfumey smell that I wasn't crazy about.  Maybe if it was a different scent, I would have liked it better.  However, I ordered the Native brand Coconut and Vanilla deodorant.  This brand had a light clean scent.  I liked the texture, and it seemed to work the best.

Week 4

By the time I entered by 4th week and completed a full month on natural deodorants, I could not tell a difference between my old and new brand.  I had finally become confident that I made the right decision and tossed my old brand.  It took me a full month to completely turn the corner and feel like I could toss my emergency back deodorant.  I was working out daily.  While I was working up a good sweat, I did not smell.  Sweat is a natural part of working out.  But I did not develop body odor in the process.  The natural deodorant was doing exactly what it was intended to do.  My body was sweating naturally but not producing offensive odors.  I was finally glad I made the switch.

Native Deodorant was my favorite of the three that I tried.  It has a light and clean scent and was very effective too!

Natural Deodorant Brands

I think that every single person's body will react to this process differently.  Some may be a longer period of readjustment.  Others it might not take much adjustment at all.  But, natural deodorants do work.  And, I was convinced that they didn't initially.  Allow at least a month to make this change a lasting one.  Don't give up.  You can do it!

I tried three brands overall.  I am listing them in the order of my personal preference based on performance overall.

1.  Native

I ordered this online in their most popular Coconut and Vanilla scent.  It is a light fragrance with a good texture that works well.  It glides on, and there is no noticeable body odor even when working up a big sweat!  You can also explore some of the other scents if you prefer something different, but this one is really nice!

2.  Schmitts

I received this deodorant in Rose and Black Pepper in a beauty box this spring.  So, I didn't have a choice of scent.  But, I actually liked it.  It went on easily.  And it worked just fine.  I felt like the scent was a little much too perfume for my tastes.  This was the biggest drawback for me.  Rose and Vanilla is a very popular fragrance in this brand.  But there are several scents to choose from.  So, be sure to check out if they have something that would work for you.

3.  Jason's

I love the smell of this one.  I bought it at Walmart with a coupon a while back.  It didn't work as well for me.  But, it might be fine for someone else.  I didn't love the texture and feel this one was as effective as the other two.  However, I also used this at the beginning of my journey.  And, it is less expensive than other brands.  This is a much more budget-friendly option.  And, there are several scent varieties as well.  I am really partial to Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, so you could give it a try as well as the other scents from this brand.

You may have wanted to make this switch to natural deodorants or maybe you have just wondered what natural deodorants even are.  If you have wanted to make this change in your life, give it a try.  This is a good time to do it.  Just remember, that your body is going to sweat with these.  They are not an antiperspirant that keeps you from sweating.  But, you won't stink.  It is made to keep away odors.  Once your body adjusts though to this change in product, I find that I sweat less.

Take advantage of your quarantine time and do something just for you!  This is a great thing that will have lasting effects long after this year.  Also, many thanks to my friend Christy for suggesting this change.  I am glad she sent me on this journey, and hopefully, this blog post will encourage you to do the same!  Until next time...

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