Our 3 Favorite Camping Chairs

Pull up a chair and enjoy some time around our table.  

Every camper has a favorite camping chair.  You can purchase chairs in any price range, style, and size.  It all comes down to personal preference and comfort.  We have three that we have really loved over time, and these are the ones that I recommend based on comfort, function, and durability.

Our Three Favorite Camping Chairs

You may be wondering why I'm even bothering writing about camping chairs since our lives are so suspended right now.  But, you can still enjoy your camping chairs even if it is in your backyard.  This is a great time to pull out a chair and social distance in your own personal green space.  Fresh air and sunshine are just good for the soul!

The Core Moon Chair is roomy, comfortable, and durable.

The attached cup holder is a nice feature.

The padded pillow is nice for relaxing.

Overall Comfort

Our favorite all-around comfort chair is the Core Moon Chair.  It stores in one compact bag and is lightweight.  However, it expands into this roomy bowl of a chair that you just melt into.  Every person that has ever sat in our chairs raves about the comfort.  These are in the $50-$60 price range.  This is a reasonably priced chair that has lasted over two years and is still in great shape.  I consider this chair to be very durable and well worth the price.  You can't beat this chair at the end of the day!

The Rio Brands Compact Chair is compact and versatile!

Compact Size and Versatile

If you want a chair that is compact and versatile, the Rio Brands Compact Chair hits all the marks.  One of the reasons that I love this chair is that it folds up small.  When opened up, it is roomy and sturdy.  It doesn't sit too tall or low.  It can be pulled up to our outdoor table for eating meals.  I have taken this chair to the soccer field.  This chair would be excellent for pop up campers and tent campers to reduce the amount of space used to store gear.  This is a solid chair that would work well for children in those in-between ages but is perfect for adults too.  It is also well made and would work well for kids in those in-between ages.  I have found this chair to be comfortable and durable.  If you are concerned about space and comfort, this chair is for you!

The Coleman kids quad chair is a campground staple for us.

I like that this chair comes with a cup holder!

Kids Chairs

Coleman makes a little quad chair that is great for little campers.  We bought our son one of these a few years ago when we first started camping as a family.  These chairs really do hold up and work great.  If you need a kid's chair, this is it.  You would be hard-pressed to find a chair better than this one!  It has its own little carrying bag.  There is cup holder on the chair's arm.  And as our son is starting to outgrow this chair, he still hasn't worn it out!  The price has really inflated overtime on Amazon.  So, you might want to shop around to find the best price on this chair, but it is worth the purchase!

Honorable Mention

The only reason that I didn't add this last chair to my list of three favorites is the size.  My husband originally had one of these big lounger Zero Gravity Chairs.  These are comfortable.  It's like a portable recliner.  My cousin liked my husband's so much that he bought it from him.  However, it weighs well over 15 pounds and is just bulky and large overall.  I'm not a fan of big, bulky gear.  If it were not for that fact, this chair would have made the list.  It is so comfortable.  My husband loved to nap in it.  However, I can nap in a hammock.  But, if you have a man that likes a recliner, this chair could be the winner for you.

Not all chairs are created equally.  And every camper is going to have a list of needs that sometimes dictates the purchase in the end.  For us, we considered size heavily when we first started camping because of our pop up camper.  Now that we have a travel trailer and larger pass-through storage, we still don't want to have the huge gear to lug around.  

What is your favorite camping chair?  And how much are you willing to spend?  I'd love to hear from you.  I have seen camping chairs this year for as much as $300.  We have found that the chairs we have are modestly prices but are well made and comfortable.  We haven't seen the need for fancier more expensive chairs.  

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