Better Bedding - 3 Tips for Your Best Night's Sleep at the Campground

Peggy Sue, our pop up camper, will probably always be my first love.  The interior was so cozy at the end of the day!

No matter what type of RV you own, your bedding is going to have a huge impact on your overall camping experience.  I read social media posts weekly where campers are inquiring about comfy bedding solutions for new campers as well as RV renovations.  If you aren't happy with your current set up or even how to set things up, keep reading.  I'm sharing tips for RVs, pop up campers, and tent campers alike.  You can get the best night's sleep no matter how you camp.  

Better Bedding - 3 Tips for Your Best Night's Sleep at the Campground


Your mattress is going to have a huge impact on your sleeping situation.  And while there are band-aid solutions out there, I don't recommend them.  Replace your mattresses if you are not sleeping well!  Just do it.  Don't debate about it.  This means skipping foam toppers too.  A better mattress is a solid and permanent solution that will yield the best results.

In an RV or travel trailer, I recommend getting great mattresses that you can have custom fitted for your space as needed.  It is an investment just like the RV itself.  Make it nice and homey, and you will love it for the long haul.  Trust me on this piece of advice!

We have a murphy bed and two curved double over double bunks in our Grand Design.  We purchased Totcha mattresses.  They can be customized for any space.  We had a hinge placed in just the right spot to fold into our wall for our murphy bed mattress.  Our curved bunks are outfitted with curved mattresses to perfectly fit the spot.  These mattresses are not cheap, but they are excellent quality and worth every single penny.  I cannot rave enough about how happy we are with these mattresses.  Tochta will even help you sort out your measurements.  There are real people to talk with on the phone and are super responsive to email as well.  

The memory foam mattress will arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag that you can unpack and expand to full size.

We used a bread knife to cut through the memory foam of the sofa replacement mattresses from Classic Brands.  These worked really well in our pop up camper.

If you own a pop-up camper and don't want to invest in expensive custom mattresses, then go for a memory foam mattress that you can trim to fit your space.  We put Classic Brand Sofa Replacement mattresses in our pop up, and they slept like a dream.  

These sofa replacement mattresses are about 4.5 to 5 inches high.  We were still able to close our top to our pop up with no problems.  These provided an excellent night's sleep.  Don't forget to add anti-fatigue mats underneath your bedding for a little added cushion.  You will start to feel the bunk end board underneath the beds during the night at some point without them.  It's just part of it.  But the anti-fatigue mats make a huge difference in comfort overall.  To ensure comfort in our travel trailer, I put these mats under our bunk mattresses!

Tall air mattresses are much more comfortable for sleeping in a tent.  These are thick and well made.  The pump is built right into the mattress.

We have a queen for us and a twin for our son.  Both of these still work great, and we still use both on occasion.  I'm still toying with the idea of doing some more tent camping!

Don't feel left out if you are a tent camper!  I think that a tall mattress sleeps better and is easier to get up and down from.  We have some Intex Mattresses that are 18 inches tall and have an electric pump built-in.  They sleep really nicely and deflate easily when you are ready to pack up.  We still have these mattresses and have used them both at home for extra guests and when we visit relatives and friends with limited guest space.  I don't think these are price prohibitive in any way and would make much better sleeping arrangements than a thin blow-up mattress.  I never mind sleeping on these.

Make Your Beds Before You Go

There is nothing worse to me than having to make beds and do all of the work at the campground after driving and setting up!  Do it before you go!  And you can make up your beds in both RV's and pop up campers before you leave home.

In an RV, this is an easy task.  Get the kids involved for bunks and have them to make beds with you.  They are smaller and more nimble than you are and need to learn how to do some of these things.  The more you have prepped at home, the more time you will have to relax and explore when you get to where you are going.  There is nothing that I hate more than showing up and knowing I've still got to make beds to get into when I'm tired. 

Crank up the top.  Pull out the bunk ends and make the bed from the outside before you leave home.  This is a game-changer for pop up campers!

For a pop-up camper, crank up the top and pull the bunk ends out.  Make up your beds while standing outside of your camper.  You can put on the bedding so much easier standing outside with the canvas not expanded.  When you are done, crank everything down.  At the campground, you will have much less to do!  You can thank me later for that tip!  

I did this the hard way for almost two years before realizing that I could do this at home and outside of the camper standing up like a human being.  Crawling around inside to make up a bed is something I'd like to forget from my pop up years!


Believe it or not, your choice of bedding will make a big difference as well!  My favorite bedding for camping is not a sleeping bag, but it does have a zipper!  Beddy's Beds makes an all in one zip-up bedding solution.  The whole piece just fits onto a mattress like a fitted sheet.  You unzip it to get into the bed and zip it back up to make the bed in the morning!  They are comfortable and will save you so much time.  

While Beddy's may be pricey, don't let sticker shock deter you.  It is worth the money.  The bedding sets are well made and incredibly soft.  We put one on our Murphy Bed, but I am considering these for our bunks just for ease.  I think these are excellent bedding choices for pop up campers and tent campers too!  Sleeping bags can really rack up in terms of price.  If you need more warmth, you can easily throw on some additional blankets.  But your bed will always be made in a snap.  

The whole bedding ordeal used to be a workout in itself.  Once I learned how to make this process a little easier, I was a much happier camper.  The more expensive options are worth the money.  Invest in a great mattress and easy bedding solutions.  There are plenty of places to save money, but I don't encourage it here!

Time and comfort are just worth the price.  You will enjoy camping more and maybe even do it more often knowing that you will have cozy and easy bedding.  I don't think camping is about sacrifices.  Find solutions to make it a better experience!  Suffering through the night is not a camping rule or goal of mine.  I love a good bed, and I'm going to try and have that no matter where I sleep!

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