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This RV lifestyle is something that our family has enjoyed this year more than ever before.  It is an affordable and fun way to travel.  The memories we make on the road together as a family are the highlights of our year.  Many others have embraced this lifestyle just like us.  We never meet a stranger at the campground.  I also enjoy following other RV'ers on social media.  It is so much fun to connect with other RV enthusiasts that have the same passion for travel and exploring new places.   RV Sticker Club is a new way to do just that!

There is no cost or membership application for the RV Sticker Club.  You simply design your stickers and have them printed.  There are lots of different ways to design your stickers.  Canva will let you design a logo.  I used Adobe Spark and Adobe Illustrator for mine.  I didn't go the easy route!  So, I don't encourage you to do what I did.  Logo Maker Shop is how one camper said she created hers.  

What you will need is a high-quality design that can easily be printed.  Adobe Spark gave me a great design, but I had to the resolution using Adobe Illustrator to correct this issue.  This is why I discourage the route that I took.  

Once you have a logo designed, you will need to have them printed.  I used Sticker Mule to print my stickers.  These were a great price, and you can have die-cut stickers printed.  Die-cut stickers are the most popular!  Get creative with your RV stickers.  Incorporate the name of your social media account, the name of your RV, or whatever else inspires your journey.  I creative each sticker is when it arrives in the mail.  Plus, getting real mail that isn't a bill is just fun!  

Your design should be about 3 x 3 inches.  This will provide you with enough space for your design and logo.  It won't be too large and is just the right size!

As the stickers have arrived, we have gotten handwritten notes, postcards with logos, and all kinds of pretty paper inserts.  I decided that I needed to up my sticker swap game.  I have little brown envelopes for the stickers.  I write a note on the outside of the envelope and place it into a larger envelope that can be mailed.  For a little pizzaz, I had an address stamp made with my return address and blog logo on it.  I stamp the envelope with my little address stamp.  This was from Zazzle and is a basic hand stamp that comes with an ink pad in a color that you choose!

Once you have your stickers, you are ready to trade!  Put a photo of your stickers on Instagram and tag #rvstickerclub or @rvstickerclub in your post.  Other RV sticker lovers and traders will reach out to you and ask to trade.  You can search for other #rvstickerclub traders by searching that hashtag.  Reach out to campers that you would like to trade with through a direct message (DM) on Instagram.  Easy peasy!

So what do I plan to do with all of those stickers?  I like to put stickers on our cooler.  But, I have seen others putting them on their RV door and more.  It is totally up to you!

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