Pie Irons - Make A New Camping Tradition Around the Fire

Pie irons are a great way to get everyone involved in cooking at the campground.

I have toyed with the idea of pie irons over the past three years.  We recently purchased a set, and this is such a fun way to cook around the campfire while getting everyone involved.  From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, there are so many meal time and treat options.  If you too have been considering a set of pie irons for your camping gear, fall is the perfect time to give them a try!

We enjoyed cooking our first pie iron meal together over Labor Day weekend.

Pie Irons - Make a New Camping Tradition Around the Fire

Rome Industries has been making pie irons since 1964.  This classic piece of camping cookware is made of cast iron and can be used to produce sweet and savory options over an open fire.  The handles are long with wooden ends that make it easy to maneuver them over a flame.  

We purchased a simple set of two round pie irons to try out.  I found that the best price for them is directly from Rome.  Lots of retailers do sell them, but some of the prices are double the ones found directly at Rome Industries.  

What's so great about a pie iron?  Everything!  No really!  You can make everything from pizza to sandwiches, hashbrown pockets to crispy pies.  It really comes down to how you want to use them!  It is a creative cook's dream.  And, if you are someone that feels like you are in a culinary rut, this is your ticket out since you can dream up endless new options and combinations.  Plus, each camper can create their own seasoned option if you wish!  

Corndog pockets were a hit.  Add a simple green salad to this for a complete meal!

Basically, you have some sort of bread or crust with stuffing or filling.  The pie iron closes around your creation and cooks over an open flame.  Your dining options can be as simple or complicated as you make them.  But, simple will always work well.

We tried our pie irons over Labor Day weekend with great success.  I have the Happy Camper Cookbook.  It has several recipes for pie irons included.  I've also started a Pie Iron Recipes and Ideas Pinterest Board that you might want to check out!  Rome also has some cookbooks that you might want to check out.  

The Happy Camper Cookbook has lots of good options for pie iron cooking and beyond!

Two recipes that we found to be winners were corndog pockets and puff pastry pies.  Both were from the Happy Camper Cookbook.  The corndog pockets are cooked hotdogs of your choice sliced and placed in a corn muffin batter.  The puff pastry pies were constructed of frozen puff pastry and canned pie filling.  Could it be any easier?  Both were real hits with everyone.  I think our great enjoyed making their dinner and dessert as much as they enjoyed eating it!

Our puff pastry pies turned out excellent.  The puff pastry was crispy and perfectly cooked.

What else do you need to know?

  1. Preheat your pie irons over a flame for better results.
  2. Spray the inside well with cooking spray.
  3. Rotate your pie iron during cooking to keep everything from burning.  We rotated about every 60 seconds.
  4. The cooking time will depend on how close you are to the flame and the overall heat.  So, proceed with caution and don't overcook it.  This is the trickiest part!  
  5. Have your ingredients ready to cook and place into the pie iron like an assembly line when your pie irons are hot.  
You will need to season these and maintain them over time as you would any cast iron cookware.  I have started using the Crisbee Stick cast iron seasoning.  Before your first use, heat your pie irons over a flame.  swipe with your cast iron seasoning and continue to heat.  Allow them to fully cool and blot excess oil with paper towels.  Cool them completely after seasoning the first time.

I washed ours with warm water and a brush.  I dried them completed and seasoned once again before storing them.  Over time, they will cook and develop a better non-stick surface.  

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