Fall Gear Guide 2020

The cooler temperatures at the campground make this an appealing time of year to get outdoors!

For many, fall is a favorite camping season.  The temperatures are starting to drop.  You can pull out that flannel and cuddle up around a campfire.  As you transition from summer to fall, be sure to get your gear in check and ready to hit the campground!  Take inventory of what you have.  Clean out what is broken or no longer being used.  And, make a list of things you want or need.  I have a few suggestions to get you started!

Fall camping is almost here, and we can't wait!

One product that can increase camping flexibility is a Thetford Smart Tote 2.  You won't have to worry about filling up your tanks if you are on a site without full hookups.  Go ahead however and do your essential activities knowing you can drain your tanks into a portable tank and dump without moving your whole RV.  

Store your sewer hose safely and easily into your bumper with these 4 in 1 bumper end caps from Camco.  They are magnetic and have an attachment for hook your sewer hose to easily pull it out of the bumper.  It will stay in place and has airflow holes that prevent bugs and insects.  We like storing our sewer hose much better in the bumper.  These magnetic caps just make sense for the job.

Before you hit the road, be sure that your tires are properly inflated to the correct PSI.  The Ryobi Inflator and Deflator is rechargeable.  You can set the PSI to the desired amount and the work is done for you.  Plus you can take some pressure off and deflate if you need to!  My husband loves this tool and raves about it every time we get ready for a trip.  It truly worth every penny.  And he likes using this tool so much that I never have to ask him to check the tires.  

Be sure to season your new waffle maker before you use it the first time.  This will give you a good, non-stick surface.

Cooking waffles over my Coleman Campstove has become my new favorite camping breakfast!

Once you are at the campground, fall weather is perfect for cast iron cooking.  I recently purchased a cast iron waffle maker from Rome Industries.  It works on my little Coleman Camp Stove outside.  This is my favorite place to cook breakfast with a cup of coffee.  You will need to season this piece of cookware when it arrives.  I have started using Crisbee Sticks for seasoning and maintaining my cast iron.  It is easy and works like a charm.  If you have cast iron cookware, you need this product!  It is not just for seasoning new cookware.  You can use this to maintain your existing cast iron.  It will keep a non stick surface and performing like a champ no matter how old it is!

At home or at the campground, set the mood and table for fall with a plaid table runner!  Black and white buffalo plaid works great for adding pops of fall colors and will transition well into the Christmas season ahead.  The black and white works well with orange for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Once Christmas arrives, add red and greens for a seasonal festive look.

I also love Woodwick Fireside Candles.  It gives a crackling fire sound and the smell of a fire without all of the work.  It is like a little moment of zen at home or in your RV.  

When you are ready to get cozy, check out these Sorison Camping Blankets.  These are weatherproof.  They are lightweight and warm.  They resist pet hair and odors.  You can use these to wrap up in a hammock, sitting by the fire, in bed at night, or for a picnic blanket.  The versatility and how compact and lightweight they are checking all the boxes for me!  Plus this is is a product that works well for tent campers and RV'ers alike! 

This little fireplace heater will add both ambiance and warmth in your RV!

And at the end of the day, come inside and enjoy the glow of a fire with a little portable heater.  I had a similar one in our pop up camper.  There is something magical and soothing about the glow of a fire when you are getting ready for bed.  It is like taking the best of the outdoor fire indoors with you.  This compact heater will fit just about anywhere and provide that glow and boost of heat indoors.

Saint Paulia Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are so great for camping!  

Before bed, you need these shampoo and conditioner bars from St. Pauli Soaps.  I have the Tropic Sun shampoo and conditioner bars and love how practical and effective they are.  For pop up and tent campers, these are the best way to transport shampoo and conditioner to the bathhouse.  They come in little tins like bar soap.  So they won't spill or make a mess in your toiletry bag.  I also love these in my RV and for basic travel.  I can toss them in my bathroom cabinet or travel bag and never worry about making a mess there either.  I love the scents.  And, my hair looks and feels great!  You can also use the shampoo bars for a body wash and the conditioner bars to shave with!  Who wouldn't love these?

What are you taking to the campground with you this fall?  Get your gear in place and head out for some fireside fun.  You'll be glad you did!

Until next time...

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