Campground Review - Oak Creek RV Park in Weatherford, Texas

Oak Creek RV Park located just outside of Fort Worth off of Interstate 20 makes a great choice for an RV stop!

If you are traveling across Texas, you might likely be on Interstate 20!  We recently took a long trip across Texas and planned to stop and spend the night on our way to our final destination and home.  I found an RV park right off of the interstate that worked great on our trip.  Oak Creek RV Park in Weatherford, Texas is an excellent campground, and I'm giving you the full review.

The access to the RV park is a short drive off of the interstate from a service road.  This was very convenient.

Campground Review - Oak Creek RV Park in Weatherford, Texas

I was nervous about selecting campgrounds for overnight stops on our Texas adventure.  I was relying entirely on campground reviews and photos while hoping for the best.  We had pretty good luck with campgrounds on this trip, and I wanted to share about Oak Creek RV Park just outside of Forth Worth, Texas.  Interstate 20 is heavily traveled.  We saw lots of RVs on the interstate.  So if you are planning a trip across Texas and need a place to stay, this RV park would make an excellent stop on your journey.

The sites are level, paved, pull-through sites at the front of the park.

We wanted an RV park close to the interstate that provided full hook-ups.  I didn't think beyond these two things.  If you are making a long trip, you should consider the following things for your overnight stops:
  • Select parks that have amenities that you will need if you are making a long trip.  Amenities to consider are propane fill-up, laundry facilities, and clean showers in case you don't want to hook up fully.
  • Being near a city or larger place with access to stores and supplies is helpful.  We needed a new tire on our return trip.  Being close to a big city gave us multiple options.
  • Level, paved pull-through sites allow you to arrive, park, and never unhook to make your stops quicker and easier.
  • Do you need a place for kids or your dogs to play at the end of a long travel day? Being cooped up in a vehicle all day is hard.  Consider recreational needs that you may have to blow off some steam or relax.
  • Wi-Fi could be important to you if you are working remotely or need it for streaming entertainment options.  
Oak Creek RV Park has quite a few sites and offers seasonal sites as well that are located in the back of the park.


Oak Creek RV Park has paved and level sites throughout their park.  The sites are spaced out just right.  You aren't going to get the same space as you would at a state park, but this isn't a state park.  The hook-ups are on a well-maintained and lit station.  We were very glad for this feature since we pulled in right at dark on our first night's stay here as we were starting our trip.  

The hook-ups at the site are on a well-lit post that makes it easy to hook up and pack up late at night or early morning.

The pull-through sites make it where you can literally pull in for an overnight stay and not worry about unhooking from your tow vehicle.  We liked this and felt like it was an easy stay because of the overall layout of the sites.

The campground will text you on the day of your reservation to let you know your site number and provide you with a photo of the map so that you can see where you will be when you arrive at the campground.  We stayed at this park both going through Texas on our way to our destination as well as on our return trip.  While we were not able to reserve a specific site, it seems that overnight stays are placed at the front of the park.  We were glad for this because it was a quick in and out.

We visited Oak Creek in December.  But, the pool would be a welcome sight during warm months.


I have said this more times than I would like, but COVID-19 has greatly impacted travel everywhere.  Oak Creek RV Park has nice amenities, but we chose not to use some of them due to Covid.  This had nothing to do with their safety measures and policies.  Staff members wore masks and were respectful of guests.  Amenities that we didn't use had to do with our length of stay and our comfort level and were no reflection of the campground itself or staff.  However, I also think that once things return to a more "normal" state (whatever that is going to be), guests will want to take advantage of the amenities here.  Amenities include:
  • Pool
  • Community Gathering Area
  • Dog Park
  • Playground
  • Fishing
  • Bulk propane fill up
  • Wi-Fi
The playground is well maintained and in a centrally located place within the park for easy access.

The dog park is fenced and has room for you to take a chair and watch your dog run about for some extra exercise.

We were so glad to have bulk propane fill up here on our return trip.  This kept us from hunting this service at a fuel stop on the way home.  We were able to fill up our tanks while we were packing up in the morning!

My only complaint about any of the amenities is the amount of work to connect to their WiFi.  I work in the technology field, so I feel like this is a valid issue.  There were just a lot of steps to get on the WiFi such as creating an account and logging in, etc.  I would have rather just put in a WiFi password and moved on about my day.  And for someone that is tired at the end of a travel day but wants to let their child watch tv while everyone is getting showers, this can just be one thing too many.  This is also a minor issue on my part.  Everything about our stay was really great.

Overall the amenities are great!  If the weather was warm, the pool would have been nice at the end of a long day.  It's in a really nice spot.  Plus having a dog park is a big deal for us since we travel with two dogs.  This RV park really does have everything a traveler might need while making it comfortable and safe!  

The paved surfaces throughout the campground were perfect for us to walk our dogs and allow our son to ride his scooter to run off some energy.


One thing that stood out about this RV park was how clean everything was here!  Aside from the occasional camper that didn't pick up after their dog, everything was spotless.  And the park hosts cannot control everything people do.  

The laundry facilities are clean and spacious.

The campground has a laundry facility for washing and drying clothes.  There were plenty of stations to do laundry and it is well laid out for guests to easily use.  

Also, if you plan for a quick overnight stay, it would be easy to use their bath facilities.  They are large rooms that contain a shower and bathroom for guests.  There was plenty of room to get dressed and shower in these areas, and they were well maintained.  This would be perfect for people that might be using a teardrop camper or a small unit that didn't have a bathroom.  

It would be easy for guests to throw in a load of laundry while taking a shower and toss it in the drier before doing something else.  Or in warm weather, wash a load of clothes while taking a quick swim at the end of the day.  The layout of the facilities makes it easy to do more than one thing if guests want to do that.  But, everything is well lit and marked.  So, guests could walk back and forth to do laundry or other tasks.  I enjoyed being able to be out of the truck and move around some for some exercise!

These facilities are all located at the front of the campground where the office is located.  The building looks like an old church that has been renovated.  But it contains the office, meeting area, laundry, public restrooms, and showers.  Next to this building is the pool inside of a gate.

It is important for guests to know that you are right off of Interstate 20.  You can see it from the front gate of the RV Park.  This did not bother me.  My husband said that the road noise bothered him a little during the night, but he also agreed that the convenience factor topped any road noise.  It was an easy exit off the interstate and back on to leave.  I don't think a little road noise should deter anyone.  


We found the staff to be friendly and helpful during our stay.  On our return trip, we needed propane for our tanks.  It was simple to have these filled up on site.  The staff answered questions that we had and answered the phone when I had to call for additional directions on our first night.  It was really a flawless stay both times for weary travelers.

Oak Creek RV Park is a Good Sam Member, and you can use your membership for a discount on your stay.  We have used our Good Sam Membership enough in the last year to pay for itself at stays in lots of different locations.

In addition to this being a convenient stop on and off the interstate, we needed a new tire on the way home.  We were able to call a local tire company and have them come and change our tire first thing in the morning and hit the road without long delays.  Being close to a larger city has a lot of perks.  The location of this RV park puts you right outside of Fort Worth but close enough to services if you need them. I cannot stress thinking through accessibility to services enough.  You cannot anticipate everything you will need but availability makes travel easier.  Proximity to services provides an automatic backup plan if you need it.

If you are planning a route across Texas and know you will be on Interstate 20, give Oak Creek RV Park a look.  We loved it and would stay there again in a heartbeat.  It was just what we needed on our trip, and it made those long days much better by being able to pull in and sleep comfortably before tackling another long day on the road!  The staff, facilities, and amenities made our stay excellent both times on our trip.

Until next time...

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