Camping Gear - Spring Guide 2021

The first day of spring is 2 weeks away.  The days are getting longer, and it is time to get ready for the campground.  If you have been eagerly awaiting that first trip of 2021, I'm sharing the gear to have you prepped for your next adventure.

We can't wait to be back around the table together at the campground.

Camping Gear - Spring Guide 2021

Each season, I think back over the previous year and what we have learned and used on our trips.  For this spring, I'm recommending items that fall into three distinct categories:  RV maintenance, food and drink, and adventure. 

RV Maintenance

Getting the right jack can save you money and give you peace of mind on the road!

Even though we have taken towing safety and our tires seriously over the years, we overlooked a rather big piece of this puzzle.  We have never purchased a jack that would allow us to actually change a tire on our RV.  During our big Texas adventure, we needed a new tire.  We were either going to have to figure out how to change our worn tire over to a spare or call a tire company that made service calls.  While we went with the latter, it also made us think about what would have happened if we would have had a flat on a remote road while traveling.  My cousin suggested a tire jack that he has.  We have since purchased a jack to have on hand for this very purpose.  Before you dive in and purchase a jack, make sure that it will give you enough height and will fit under your RV.  Measure before you buy.  You will have peace of mind and be ready to change a flat if you need to do it no matter where you are!

Monitor the tire pressure and temperature while traveling with this handy tool!

Another safety component that we have added is the TireMinder Solar Powered TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).  My cousin also recommended this product.  This product measures the tire pressure and temperature of the tires to warn you if there is an issue with your tires before you have a blowout or flat.  I'll be sharing a full feature and YouTube Video on this product soon.  But, this is a safety tool that will help us to be better prepared on the road as we tow.  

Finally, we added some fabric covers to our steps to help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes into our RV.  I am constantly sweeping and vacuuming up.  These attach to the steps and decrease the impact of all of that foot traffic daily!


Now that we've gotten all of the practical gear out of the way, it's time for a little fun and adventure!  Once you arrive at the campground, hit the trails with a new backpack.  LL Bean has these handy Stowaway Backpacks that fold into themselves for compact storage.  We leave these in our RV, and they take up very little room.  This adult backpack isn't oversized, and it worked fine for my husband that is 6'4" as well as our 8-year-old son.  These are excellent for day hikes and excursions.

If you enjoy biking, add a solar-powered Luci Light to your bike.  This is a brand new product from a company that committed to clean and sustainable energy.  We own more than one Luci inflatable light.  They hold up great over time and provide plenty of light on a solar charge.  You can pre-order these bike lights and can be used on the front or back of the bike.  

Time-marked water bottles from Arc are a great way to get enough water in during the day!

Make sure that you are staying hydrated this spring and summer with plenty of water.  A co-worker recently gave me one of these time marked bottled from Arc.  It's a handy way to make sure that you are drinking enough throughout the day, and you can refill it rather than using disposable plastic bottles.  

Food and Drink

At the end of your day, wind down with a meal around the table with family and friends.  I have two new sets from Camp Casual that I really enjoy.  When we first started camping, I purchased mixing bowls and kitchenware from bargain stores which were okay but never great.  Camp Casual makes retro-themed camping items that high quality and fun!  

These nesting bowls from Camp Casual are as sturdy and practical as they are cute and pretty!  I love that they come with airtight lids.  I've used them on every trip since we got these.

Camp Casual's Nesting Bowls are excellent for mixing up pancake batter, storing leftovers, and more.  These sturdy bowls each have a lid and they stack inside of each other for compact storage when not in use.  

The Camp Casual Serving Set is just right for salads and lots of one-dish meals that we like to serve at the campground!  The matching serving pieces are great to use at the table.

I have also been using the Camp Casual Serving Set in heavy rotation.  The shallow bowl and serving utensils are just right for serving salads and other entrees.  I use this set every time we are at the campground for at least one meal.  

The mini-Keurig takes up little counter space and makes an excellent cup of coffee.

Finally, start your day out with a cup of coffee.  I've never been a fan of the whole k-cup phenomenon.  I'm not opposed, but it just seems expensive and wasteful.  For our family, at home, this would be a huge waste.  We drink far too much coffee for single-serving pods.  At the campground, you can make one cup of coffee or more and a little clean-up.  My friends have turned me on to the mini-Keurig that comes in a variety of colors, and the slim design takes up little counter space in your RV.  In spite of my resistance to this product, it does make a great cup of coffee. 

Donut Stop's Coffee Variety Pack is a mixture of flavored coffee that is just right for sitting back and enjoying a warm treat at the campground.

Speaking of coffee, you might want to check out the Donut Stop Coffee Variety Pack.  I love a good flavored coffee, and these are delicious!  I had these at a friend's recently and added these to my Amazon cart just in case I decided to take the k-cup plunge for our RV.  

After this winter, I'm more ready than ever for spring.  We have lots of great trips planned for this year.  I am hoping for a safe, adventure-filled season with lots of good meals around the table outdoors!  Life really is better at the campground, and I can't wait to share our next trip with you.  Maybe we will see you at the campground.

Until next time...

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    1. Thank you so much for following our journey and feedback. Happy camping!


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